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How to call a wild swan with traditional Swedish singing

Hi there! My name is Åsa Larsson. I want to tell you the story of how this video was recorded , since I get a lot of questions on it :)
We were visiting my mother in laws little cabin by the sea. Its' located in Gästrikland, not so far from Söderhamn. My husband Pellegrosso, who is a photographer, recently bought a new camera and wanted to compare the sound quality from his phone and camera. So he asked me if I could “kula” over the water so he could record it.

This way of singing is called kulning, it's an old nordic tradition. It was used by women to call in the cattle and to communicate over big distances in the forest and mountains. Cows and cats use to react by being curios when I call but I have never seen a swan react before.

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