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Complete Beginner Practices the Piano for 500+ Hours (18 Months Progression Video)

This is a video capturing my piano experience over a period of 18 months in a diary/journal-like format. I recorded my thoughts in each instance of the video as the months progressed. I originally started piano when I discovered Animenz channel and became obsessed with his music.

*The first 2 months were specifically difficult, having no prior experience.
*From 2-4 months were incredibly fun, I was learning a lot of new things and experimenting with my new found knowledge.
*Though from 4-6 months my interest had died down and I became bored as a result I stopped playing as much, therefore, stopped improving.
*I got back into it around the end of the 6th month and have had a blast ever since.

**Note: From 8 months onwards I recorded the audio and video separately so the two may be out of syncronization by about 1/10th of a second.**

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