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The door and Evnika Дверь и Эвника

If your child can break his room and is not afraid to break a globe on which he “forced” to learn and know the geography, he feels more than free. After we allowed Evnika to destroy everything in her room, and make a hole with her bare hands in the door, her performance in school improved.
In our house, more than a decade operates one rule, “All the walls belong to children!”, We allowed them to draw on the walls, scratch, smear clay, ripping the wallpaper, but not using a hammer and other sharp objects. Is permitted everything that can be done with bare hands. But we just have not thought of the fact that our children are growing up, and the house remains the same, and besides, who knew that we will have in the family the child, which would be manic destroy walls and doors with his bare hands.

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