Η φυλή των Toulambis έρχεται για πρώτη φορά σε επαφή με λευκούς

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Το 1976, η ομάδα του εξερευνητή Jean-Pierre Dutilleaux ήρθε για πρώτη φορά σε επαφή με την πρωτόγονη φυλή των Toulambis (Papua, Νέα Γουινέα), τα μέλη της οποίας δεν είχαν έρθει ποτέ σε επικοινωνία με τον έξω κόσμο και ούτε είχαν ξαναδεί άνθρωπο με λευκό δέρμα. Η κάμερα απαθανάτισε την φοβισμένη και γεμάτη περιέργεια αντίδρασή τους.

  • jaime

    es un vídeo muy enternecedor, me gustaría poder copiarlo en mi PC para fines netamente educativos pero no me permite el sistema, si alguien me comparte algún link para bajar el vídeo les agradeceré.

  • OnTheRightInTampa

    It is implied that this 36-year old “video” (film) resulted in ANY of the ways suggested by ANY of the comments below? My curiosity is beyond belief. I REALLY want to know what has happened since this “chance meeting” has taken place. Note that you can change ‘language’ but English is not one. Spanish is close enough as an American.

    If you have ANY further info on this Please send to: pea-brain@verizon.net – THANK YOU!

  • KS


  • Terrible idea that he immediately offered him a knife. A knife is a tool, and it will very quickly create a cultural change.

  • Michele

    Interesting that the editor neglected to add the names of the individuals in the film.

  • Norman

    Μπράβο videoman 449 σχόλια και όλα σε άλλες γλώσσες.

  • Bonnie Goodman

    The look of fear in their eyes was telling. What was the intended outcome of these emcounters? I think it can possibly leave them more confused having experienced this culture shock.

  • fmtrx

    I suppose that if we travelled back in time and came out of a Tesla car and showed Ipads, smartphones, smart TVs, Laptops, to the explorers of Jean-Pierre Dutilleaux team, their reactions would not differ than the reactions of Toulambis when they saw the mirror :) .

  • Wayne Tilley

    OK, this is my third attempt of joining this discussion, so maybe I hit the right buttons this time. Anyhow , as I was saying, that had to be the most fascinating video that I have ever seen. But it almost makes you want to cry, to think about those innocent people entering our world, and could possibly encounter someone like Obama. It was almost like seeing a baby being born. But you could almost have the feeling of being rewarded, that you could introduce to them some certain tools, and medicines, that would make their lives more comfortable. I hope I am not sounding to corny.

  • Joe Valdrighi

    I disagree I think we can learn a lot from each other

  • Ioannis Papadopoulos

    This people are very lucky don’t live in a post dramatic society like we live in Fundamentalism times of religious idiots from the far east and american consume of be fat get more fat and die fast consume your deat while people like the Toulambis live without all that shit we get up our face every day and the worst of all we lost our humanity.

  • Thanos

    Beyond the politics, evolutionary claims and race-talk, this must have been an incredible and life-altering experience for the group of Dutilleaux and for the tribe they found. It shouldn’t be seen as “the advanced race meets primitive race” cause this is just plain dumb. The tribe-people have a lot to offer to the other side too. Life is not only about mirrors, recorders & not even about medicine and democracy. It’s also about love, living, understanding, sharing and communicating. Evolution is not a privilege of one race but we all evolve together on our different standards, there’s no high & low, there is only movement.

  • whiteguy

    White people are by far better than black!

  • i just want freedom

    The goverment and the capitalism has faileeeed so much!! so much!!! that we even jealous those people , that live with no money , no goverment , no NOTHING. And they dont have technology , now imagine if we have a life like them (with out goverment), with our knowledge with our technology… :) sorry if my english suck.. go call me anarchist and communist now .. i dont care.. its just the truth and the logic :)

  • george

    what a stupidity?!…nice skirts btw…it is so fake all this story…you can see that it is directed from the first second……lol…only americans could believe these stories

  • maria

    two different societies of human beings.thats all

  • prasivka

    for god sake, who came with idea to add this music. the original track from their handycam would be countless more impressive. respect their sounds at least, intruders



  • Joe

    Me parece que es montaje. Los movimientos de los “nativos” no son normales. Se pasan viendo las cámaras como para que sepamos que están ahí. El contacto con el “hombre blanco” parece sacado de la película “los dioses están locos”. PARA MI ES UN MONTAJE. UNA FARSA!!!!

  • Tania Russowsky

    Realmente fiquei muito emocionada… este pesquisador tem um coração de ouro. conseguiu transmitis somente com gestos, toda sua afetividade e provar sua coragem e sensibilidade.. e que povo lindo. que recebam muitas bençoes do criador… amei.. o video… lindo, interessante, prova que os homens de bem podem estreitar boas relaçoes… muito obrigada

  • Janda

    É fantástico saber que ainda há nesse mundo pessoas que vivem felizes com sua forma de ser… são os verdadeiros cuidadores da natureza… retiram dela (da natureza) apenas o necessário para sua sobrevivência… porém, o branco ainda não se deu conta de que esse contato com esses povos pode trazer-lhes situações indesejadas, como por exemplo, doenças do nosso mundo capitalista… deixem-os viver em paz e felizes… devemos respeitá-los em sua forma de vida… é o que penso. (Janda Penha – jandapenha@brturbo.com.br) Sou brasileira, um país descoberto a mais de 500 anos e que seus primeiros moradores eram TODOS índios… com a colonização, a comunidade indígena foi brutalmente desrespeitada, assim como é até os dias atuais… é uma vergonha a maneira com a qual os governantes brasileiros tratam os povos e as questões indígenas no Brasil… e viva a diversidade!

  • Agnès

    Moi, je trouve ça très émouvant cette rencontre de la différence et son acceptation, tout en se sentant pareils, des êtres humains.

  • René Baillargeon

    merci beaucoup…comme nos frères et nos soeurs de Toulambis sont accueillants et bons de nous accepter avec nos choses… Comme la place de l’Enfant est belle et enseignante pour nous.

  • Ali

    keşgə heç vaxt tapılmırdılar!

  • Caroline

    This video brought me to tears. That such wonder and innocence could have still existed even 36 years ago!
    Your comments have completely missed the point of this wondrous exchange. Whether you are religious, atheist or agnostic, we are all connected to one another. Each of us is will travel the road of life in the way that we feel is right and who knows what we will learn along the way. The point is to be open in heart as well as mind. We all have so much to learn from one another.

  • caillouxNC

    et maintenant que font le hommes,ils s’entretuent !!

  • Jaromíra

    Krásný film a nádherné reakce lidí. Tohle vše je minulost a tu nelze již změnit. Touha po poznávání a hledání je stará jako lidstvo samo. Málo který objevitel si dokázal uvědomit co způsobí jeho nález, ale v žádném případě nechtěl nikomu ublížit.

  • Queen Elizabeh

    all they need now is for someone like George Bush and his gang to go there and install “democracy” to save them from themselves!

  • Glenda Fields

    This really is a priceless film. It felt like I was right there, living the events with them.
    Thanks, to friend Eli!!!!

  • Lada -Czech republic


  • greennoblework

    Hopefully these “white” people will show more humility and understand that white man has much to relearn from the charming earth-bonded ones.

  • NeverNotHere

    I feel very touched by this recorded occurrence and much respect for our planetary heritage which allowed so many diverse groups to live and develop for untold generations.

    The world is too small not to have these meetings of cultures be inevitable. I am supposing this contact was in the hands of an amateur explorer or photo journalist. I hope that he did good, in not upsetting the social structure too much, at least by giving the knife to the chief, and not to just the most curious.

    True concern for those people would research what has happened to them today? Post an update link here in these comments.

    My greatest insight are these 408 comments. Our “tribe” will use any occasion (holy or profane) to launch into religious squabbles, fanatic politics and blatant self righteousness. So many of us are just looking for someone to fight with, or to spew verbal abuse at.

    In that sense we would never survive as that tribe has gone on for centuries. Would we find a better place in a pack of mongrel wolves or feral dogs?

  • jack76


  • jack76

    tres jolie documentaire

  • ali

    agreed with fabiolla cruz . wild fire does not know the history well enough


  • Marie-Claude

    Ils sont heureux car ils sont loin de ce monde civilisé où les conditionnements sociaux et les dictats ont éloigné l’homme de sa nature véritable…notre essence d’être joyeux, curieux et débrouillard.

  • taylor

    D’aprés des rumeurs emanant de cette tribu, qui a son compte facebook, leur chef serait en negociation avec coca cola mac do et une grande surface francaise ,carefour pour ne pas la citer dans le but de finir de leur pourrir la vie en les contaminant avec notre putain de société de consomation.J’espere que se ne sont que des rumeurs.

  • Elyane Despaigne

    Superbe, émouvant et tellement naturel!

  • Miro


  • Jean

    I agree with you all …next steps alcool,disease and …civilisation !! what a shame those simple people have been discovered ..

  • hadis

    unblievable mivie……oh ………;

  • Roberto

    Debieron haberlos dejado en su inocencia, sin ciencia ni tegnologia, han atrofiado el sistema de vida pacifico, y dentro de esa tegnologia que dentra tambien vendra el ODIO y la ENVIDIA han destruido una tribu. !!! QUE LASTIMA!!! DIOS LES PERDONE

  • cette vidéo est magnifique

  • Patrick59

    Probably the most incredible day in the lives of those creatures. And of the white men too! Unique experience! Very very nice… But as one person before me said: let’s hope diseases and “civilization” will not harm them.

  • Patric Sursdai

    extraordinaire….très émouvant. Ils sont peut être pollués, maintenant.

  • azer

    the presents of the man : fire and knife !!! what present guy !!! for pacific people

  • Hiram

    Next step, weapons and white men diseases !


  • David Langcake

    Absolutely wonderful showing we are all from the same Seed we are a little apart, great filming by the crew, loved the Rice scene… fantastic Congratulations all…..

  • si asi es como se vivia antes en todos los paises del mundo, mejor que hoy, en paz y felices

  • beautiful man and nature at his best.

  • Philzep

    il aurait fallu les laisser tranquille, sans essayer de rentrer en contact avec eux, car leur vie etait non polluée par les maifaits d’un monde basés sur la consommation, la technologie inutile et la betise de cette humanité dite civilisée, dommage…


    J’ai trouvé cette vidéo passionnante et émouvante

  • Dominique

    Pourvu qu’ils ne se soient installés sur aucune mine intéressante ni
    dans une zone où “on ” aura décidé la construction d’un barrage ou
    d’un dépôt d’ordures … Déjà bien gênant que des journalistes aient
    attiré l’attention sur eux ! Les prêcheurs les ont-ils vite “sauvés”
    de la damnation ? Que sont-ils devenus depuis 40 ans ? (téléphones
    portables et ordinateurs ? money money money ? ou on visite leurs
    villages comme on visite les favelas ????)

    Ce document est quand même émouvant , on pense aux améridiens
    d’Amazonie , les quelques tribus non “découvertes” se sont vu
    parachuter de l’alcool !

  • Kevin

    what was lost should not be found

  • Bea De Serranno

    jammer dat men deze stam ontdekt heeft…ze waren zo gelukkig op hun manier…laat ze met rust,raap de bagage samen en keer nooit meer terug!!!!

  • toska

    hi ! I really need to have this video for a research I’m doing , and I couldn’t download it from your site and I couldn’t fine a contact on your website

    could you please kindly send it to my email address ?


    thnx in advance :)

  • Justin

    Hope we didnt find them and let them be whatever they were before.

  • Mireliz

    El contacto, en 1976, del equipo de Jean-Pierre Dutilleaux con la tribu primitiva Toulambis (Papua Nueva Guinea), muestra la curiosidad ante lo desconocido. Pero no podemos calificarlos como inocentes y puros, eso es caer en la idea del “buen salvaje”, bastante pasada de moda; si debemos entender y respetar la cultura y normas de los grupos.

  • Superbe, émouvant …… et après ????

  • cette vidéo est ancienne mais c’est très touchant

  • Guy

    I believe that these people should be left alone and let them live their own lives. They are (supposedly) the innocents and as all peoples I am sure that in their own way they struggle for survival as we all do in our own way. I also think that the white men did not mean any harm to them and did not know or realize the consequences of their actions. I also believe that all others who posted comments here in a negative manner, who point fingers at each other do not understand that we are all the same as humans. We are curious, competitive. We seek knowledge and we make mistakes. We are HUMAN. This is what we do. We are no different from a dog that protects it’s territory, a chimpanzee that makes war against one of another tribe or a seagull looking for food. If we are the superior species on this planet, then maybe someday we can learn to respect all life and environment of this planet. We are doomed either by nature itself or by our own course of action.

    • You are right, Guy. We can and must contribute to grow up humanism and empathy in the world.

  • bellissimi tutti, alcuni molto commoventi

  • ”Civilized” human

    Typical civilization: we make and say shit out of what could have been pure beauty. Shame on all these comments full of hate and ego. And who made all these comments? WE, ”CIVILIZED” PEOPLE.

  • Angel

    Does any body know how is the tribe now? How do they live in New Guinea Papua now?

  • Shahbaz Parsipour

    great experience for either side of the debate! where was this anyway?

  • Oob

    And, they are not doing them any favours by introducing those healthy people to that horrendous white rice! Good god!

  • José Vitor Chavedar

    Neste vídeo pude refletir sobre diversos aspectos humanos que todos nos possuímos em nos mesmos. Também neste aspecto podemos nos comparar como eles nas grandes mudanças que surgirão nestes últimos anos em todas as áreas e de diversas novas tecnologias que surgirão neste decorrer em breve. Agradecimentos a todos por compartilhar estas máximas na integralidade do momento presente. Abraços por Jose Vitor Chavedar – SP. Brassil..

  • musa çöl oğlu

    çox düşündürücü və ilginc bir filmdirş bəşər usun işlədirsə hər nəyi əldə edər. kişinin hüşv və zəkasın gördüm. bəşərin başarılı olduğun yenə inandım.

  • I was mesmerized!
    Amazing! Fascinating

  • Marck Synwick

    I can’t believe, those people never encountered a white man. We are not new.
    I think they will continue with their way of life, unless they discover the fucking TV!!!

  • cuando el hielo llegó a Macondo….

  • and then, he will a God. is it wonderful?

  • Alex

    c’est un criss de bon video . valeur inestimable . merci à la technologie de rendre ce visionnement possible .



  • What stupidity … Mirror and afeer rice why not Frenc cognac ? Thes people must live like they want, it’s not to occidental people telle us and show us how they must live …

  • LDT

    After reading the comments I must say it is frightening how many people are convinced that all people who believe in God are out to do the world, and the people in it, harm. While history has plenty of examples of white and or “religious” people doing other cultures harm, both intentionally and not. It is ignorant to disregard all the good that has been done. To you narrow minded folks out there….there are plenty of white Christians who are loving, hard working, charitable people seeking to help others, and the idea we are like the harsh, cruel missionaries of over 100 years ago is wrong. BTW…they weren’t all bad then either. It is so sad to see how many people have such a narrow, deceptive World View. A friend of mind that lived almost 9 years in Europe, mostly England, has told me of the extreme Anti-Semitic attitude that is prevalent. Racism is evil, regardless of the victims. People need to realize that cruelty, greed, envy, hate, injustice, and abuse of power are examples of the enemy, not entire races or religions. There are imperfect people involved in all religions, cultures etc. The only cultures that deserve blanket criticism are ones that embrace behaviors mentioned in the list of evil ones. (Not intended at a complete list.)

  • The tribe of Toulambis meets white man for the first time

  • An incredible moment shared to all of us, the moment when two races, cultures and technological and scientific advances … finally the man meets the man with respect, fear and curiosity to end in celebration

  • Rambod

    absolutely agreed .what a shame!!!!!!

  • mexico

    Es inclreible y maravilloso…!!!

  • mexico

    Είναι εκπληκτικό και πολύ συναρπαστικό .. !

  • Paulo Rattes


  • Alazard

    Belle leçon de vie !

  • Sad and amazing in the same time….

  • Pepe Luis Parra

    Ya valió madres con ésa pobre gente, ya se van a contaminar de la escoria de la humanidad, tan puros que vivían en su hábitat natural y ya lo van a empezar a explotar las inmundas culturas modernas y dizque civilizadas ! Descansen en Paz !

  • Bobbie Lewis-Solar

    A real treasure to view. What a kind scene of curiousity and trust.
    Most enjoyable to view.
    Thank you for the fine opportunity.
    Roberta B. Lewis-Solar
    Coral Springs, Florida

  • Impresionante y emotivo ,nuestros hermanos que viven de la naturaleza en paz y armonía con ella sin contaminarla,ni destruirla.Esto muestra cuanto falta por decubrir y que el ser humano a sido creado para vivir en paz y amor con los suyos!!

  • indeed beautiful and sad at the same time.we will bring them civilization with all it’s evil parts.they don’t need it to be happy.
    Jean Soliman

  • Lee

    Atheism is a lie. No one is an atheist except those who are on the very verge of suicide. Everyone believes in and worships something or someone. When an individual no longer has any faith, the commit suicide. So even many who are self-proclaimed atheists believe in a God with rules to live by. A prominent atheist once said unless you are willing to sleep with your mother, your sister, your daughter, you are a closet Christian. This illustrates that even among the most ardent Atheist, he too believes there are limits to his behavior. In reality man will either worship the Creator, or the creature but he will most certainly worship something. Most “atheists are worshipers of themselves which means they are selfish.

  • Jean GAUMY

    The Toulambis of the film are really the Ankave-Anga people from near
    Menyamya. The records indicate that these people were visited by at
    least six Australian government patrols between 1929 and 1972: 1929
    Middleton; 1950 Chester, 1951 Mathieson; 1965 O’Brien; 1967 Police
    patrols; 1972 Meikle.

    In fact Meikle found the people talking basic Tok Pisin learned at Menyamya.

    Historical sources reveal that the so-called Toulambis had steel
    tools and western implements more than 40 years before their encounter
    with Dutilleux, and were regular visitors to the administrative center
    of Menyamya the early 1970’s – which was only a few days walk for them.

    This familiarity with the outside world is confirmed by ethnography,
    and in particular one Toulambi man spent two months in prison in
    Menyamya in the early ’70’s. Admittedly some remote groups may not have
    had regularly contact with the Australian administration before the
    1960’s, but they certainly did by the time Dutilleux encountered them.

    When Lemonnier viewed the film for the first time he exclaimed: “I’m
    outraged!” He described the Dutilleux production as “untruthful, racist,
    revolting”. Apparently Lemonnier recognised immediately the place where
    the fake “first encounter” had been filmed. The stream is known as New
    Year Creek, and the members of the “unknown tribe” probably walked for
    about a day from their settlement to reach the appointed well-lit

    This had been conveniently cleared for the filming, with a few logs
    thrown into the creek so that the people could emerge confidently from
    the jungle (most unusual behaviour) and move naively towards the camera

    Lemonnier adds: “At that spot, they were about a four-day walk from
    an administrative centre with a schoolteacher, airstrip, radio, nurse
    and Seventh-Day Adventist preachers. Nearby, the navigable river Vailala
    enables the Papuans to reach the coast, where they exchange bark capes
    for tools.”

    For his criticism, Lemonnier faced a court case for slander in 1997, but the historical records support his case.

    So how was the film made? Simple – the locals were paid for their
    performance and rehearsed in how to act their parts. In fact they were
    enterprising enough to have done this for several other ‘first-contact’
    filmmakers before and after Dutilleux.


  • Uresbuas


  • Niglor109

    there goes another way of life! I doubt it is for the better. those children are middle age now. what are their lives like?

  • Lightjoe

    There is a folklore going round in Newfoundland that in the years around WWII that some American soldiers had managed to survive their sinking vessel and rescued by the locals.  Among those rescused was a black American.  In these rural fishing outports of this isolated island, it was the first time they had come across a black person.   Some of the kind folks thought that some chemical had got on the body of the poor sod and tried to wash off the blackness with soap.    I am not sure if this story is true, but it is an interesting story.

  • I agree with you guys.  Some 18 years ago, en the colombian jungle, unfortunatelly, the Nuka-Maku tribe were found near by an small town calle San Jose del Guiavare, SE Llanos.  As they were found, they had not even notion of any indumentary to cover their bodies, they were naked at all, hunting for food and in a very primitive stage…but happy as nobody else. As today, they are hunging around that San Jose small village but mostly drunk to say the minimun.. no many of them are left but not for long   though.

  • Saz

    Porque debemos violar, creencias, costumbres y querer que otros hagan lo nuestro, la historia no nos ha demostrado lo suficiente cuanto nos hemos equivocado, como estoy seguro de poseer la verdad? nadie lo esta ni estara

  • Victor Martinez

    extraordinario…!!!! gracias por compartir…!!!

  • Se ve su gran inocencia ,algo poco usual en  nuestros dias ,sus miradas temerosas al lo nuevo lo mas lindo sus sonrisas y aceptacion estoy emocionada!

  • Jillie Bear

    I think this is an old film – if not leave them alone lets hope there are no minerals or hardwoods around.

  • annie

    j’ai jamais pu m’imaginer une si belle reportage,j’espere que on leur laisse garde lle plus possible leur propre identites !

  • Medamin231

    non of the song  or the Album 
    please  :)

    • Medamin231

      I mean name :)

  • Lourdesguzman61

    Que hermoso ver este tipo de video, porque vemos el avace evolutivo, que tenemos como seres humanos. Y lo que nos falta para seguir ese proceso. Muchas gracias, y muchas bendiciones.

  • a human

    you … anglosaksons!!!!!!!!!!
    we know why you do it…..

  • Amazing,  Goes to show that all people can live and love together with just good will and understanding notwithstanding the greater or lesser differences.
    I agree with Kapiticook
    What bothers me is the eating of what looked like white rice.  I have no doubt that the moment these “natural” people start to eat the white man’s diet, any element of health that they might have, will disappear.  It has happened before. There was a study done in South Africa that after the natives of South Africa started to eat white sugar, salt and white flour, they developed high blood pressure, diabetes, bad teeth etc.
    Those that say Disease and malnutrition are  the main causes that they didn’t live beyond the age of 50, forget that the diseases we have today are far worse than disease of an acute nature that by their very character can pass on their own.. They certainly didn’t look like suffering from malnutrition.  I am in no way
    completely deriding our civilization but the corruption, the materialism, the excess accent on technology, the lack of spirituality (not necessarily as it is practised by many religions) and bad nutrition, bad medicine that thinks that popping a pill will solve all our health problem, are killing us not in years but in quality.of life.  So what to all your praising of our civilization

  • Amazing,  Goes to show that all people can live and love together with just good will and understanding notwithstanding the greater or lesser differences.

    I agree with Kapiticook
    What bothers me is the eating of what looked like white rice.  I have no doubt that the moment these “natural” people start to eat the white man’s diet, any element of health that they might have, will disappear.  It has happened before. There was a study done in South Africa that after the natives of South Africa started to eat white sugar, salt and white flour, they developed high blood pressure, diabetes, bad teeth etc.

    Those that say Disease and malnutrition are  the main causes that they didn’t live beyond the age of 50, forget that the diseases we have today are far worse than disease of an acute nature that by their very character can pass on their own.. They certainly didn’t look like suffering from malnutrition.  I am in no way
    completely deriding our civilization but the corruption, the materialism, the excess accent on technology, the lack of spirituality (not necessarily as it is practised by many religions) and bad nutrition, bad medicine that thinks that popping a pill will solve all our health problem, are killing us not in years but in quality.of life.  So what to all your praising of our civilization


  • MegaTiger

    Too bad there is no dislike button for all those religious nut jobs comments

  • Encarna

    y despues, que hizo el hombre blanco por ellos ?

  • José A Herrero

    Indignante! Reporteros: de qué! ¿Cómo os atrevéis?

  • Messina Yoland

    Rencontre et découverte de deux civilisations.Magnifique Ils découvrent avec étonnement et crainte notre monde moderne.Mais ils ne sont pas agressifs.Toyo……….

  • Amo estas pessoas, estas reportagens, estes documentários e tenho o maior respeito por estes e outros povos que vivem longe da podridão e de um mundo em decadência, porque os Homens- civilizados?!!- perderam toda a dignidade, toda a decência…tanta coisa linda, digna de ser vista, divulgada e sentida e, todos os dias somos , bombardeados,  obrigados a ouvir, a  digerir a leviandade, o oportunismo, a  incompetência, a corrupção daqueles que se apresentam como se fossem os donos da razão e da verdade. Que desgosto que eu tenho de pertencer a esse grupo de… nem sei bem o que lhes chamar! Vamos denunciar só assim os podemos travar. Programas destes sim, muitos, muitos …talvez alguém aprenda algo com estas civilizações.

  • vahid

    Thats amazing. it reminded me the “Apokalipto”…

  • SOHRAB_smch


  • Beauty_m33

    wow that was awesome … i loved it … but i wish we could watch the whole movie with original sound …. that was great….

  • Velomartinez

    Impresionante documento de relación y primer contacto entre dos culturas que se desconocen. 
    ¡Felicidades a los realizadores de la grabación!

  • Claudesenez

    merveilleux !! comment peut on être raciste ?? après avoir vu ce genre de document!! 

    c’est beau !merci à ceux qui ont voulu les approcher,les connaître mieux !! les “apprivoiser” un peu

    tout en les respectant!!

  • Cook

    As a secular humanist I can only agree that more people have been murdered in the name of one religion or another than for any other reason.  They all have you by the throat (what and when you can eat) or by the genitals (how or when you have sex). 

    • Phnx

      You couldn’t be further from the truth.  Yes, over the centuries millions have died due to misguided religious fanatics.  However, you fail to consider the tens of millions who died under Hitler’s National Socialism or tens of millions who have died under communism in the USSR or the tens of millions who have died under communism in Red China, or North Korea, all within the last century.  In addition, here in the US over 40 million babies have been aborted due to  secular humanists such as yourself.  So we can conclude, that more have died under the misguided rule of self righteous secular humanists, such as yourself, than for any other reason.

  • Zsheffd

    I thought it was great with the one exception of the music.  As nice as the music is it was an unfortunate distraction.  I would have been more intrigued by whatever conversation there was no matter how minimal since this was first contact for this tribe.  Hmmm perhaps the decision to insert music was for the benefit of the viewers.  What, to hold their attention?

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  • This is totally amazing and heartwarming, I really don’t have words for how this touched my heart to see this. I know this there are many tribes that need to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. This gave me a picture of what it will be like in heaven with every tribe and tongue worshipping Jesus Christ! I can’t wait to meet my brothers and sisters from around the globe. I commend those that are willing to go to the world to minister the gospel to the lost. Many blessings on those! Kathy Pearson

    • Bob Oblaw

      Why must Christians insist that non-Christians are the lost?  “Hey, let’s convert the brown people” is a horrible way to look at a video like this.  I’m disgusted…

  • Sorgab16

    It loads very slow, but the video is wonderful

    • Sorgab16

       On the other hand it shows purity that will be lost as soon more intrudors go to that place to show the dark side of our modern society and the othe face of “humanity”

  • Ana

    Yes I’m agree let them to live their lives I’m sure is better than ours in many ways

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    Merci,  que SYMBOLISE   leur tige dans leur Nez ?   Un rang social, ou marié, et ils ne semblaient pas avoir d’Outil  pour chasser ou ceuillir  des Fruits dans les bois.
    J’apprécierais une Réponse SVP,  please.
    Langue autochtone   ou  Espagnole ?
            Claude Dumont

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    porque todavia haya gente con ese espiritu solidario.

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  • Sanmartin

    Verdaderamente ridículo. Son buenos actores pero nadie se cree que con esos cortes de pelo no conozcan el metal. ¿Con qué se lo han cortado, con pedernal? Además sobreactuan cuando se acercan a tocar la mano del blanco. son guerreros y cazadores. No son idiotas. Han tenido que lidiar con piezas mucho más peligrosas. En fin, tongo

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    A los que hemos tenido que vivir esta llamada CIVILIZACIÓN nos ha correspondido el sufrimiento de enfermedades dolorosas por comer los alimentos cocidos y vivir la polución, el stress y la angustia que esta causa. LOS BLANCOS CON SUS RADARES Y TECNOLOGIA YA NO DEJAN LA PAZ EN NINGUN RINCON DE ESTE PLANETA. De mi mezcla genética, me averguenza la herencia  que tengo de raza blanca.
    Este video es infame. Lo que tiene de positivo es que retrata la crueldad, la ignorancia y la burla del equipo de blancos que se ha atrevido a romper el cristal de la inocencia y pureza de este grupo etnico de seres bellísimos.

  • Artselves

    Very moving documentation but unfortunately it does not bode well for the Toulambis or their future…introducing them to our trinkets, diet, way of life will do more harm than good! Just look at our history, the records and results of such first encounters tell the story…

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    Pleas leave them quiet, don’t disturb them, they don’t need other civilization  like our pattern based on destruction of humanity and earth.

    • Rhino8561

      this film is from 1976 . think its too late for peace and quiet

      • Rhino8561

        the film is 36 years old. .in this  tribe, the elders rarely live past the age of 50. All the adults you have seen here are most likely dead. Disease and malnutrition are  the main causes

  • Marianomauriciomarambio

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    charlie G.

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    Aside from the trivial present, your video is one of the most touching at the deepest level that I’ve ever seen.  I don’t know when I’ve ever seen Truth without words conflicting with the essence of the experience.  Thank you!

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  • EarthDogg125

    I don’t think this is a shame at all, not everything man has done is evil.  All you seem to want to focus on is the negative.  Look at how enthusiastic and engaged they are with Jean-Pierre and his campsite.  This should remind us how awesome humanity is where there’s such a sense of wonder and amazement in all kinds of things in this world.  How much we learn, grow, and take in from eachother.  So far religion has enhanced my life, I drink alcohol in extreme moderation and enjoy it, and I remain free of disease because of modern amenities like soap, antibiotics, showers, etc.  Don’t hate on humanity just because you’re negative Kapiticook.

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    They seem very happy. Hope the children are healthy.
    I was born in New Guinee 64 years ago and plan to go someday.

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    Por que a los nativos se les ve su pelo tan bien cortado, especialmente los bigotes? y el tipo de manta que usaban especialmente los niños, se observa con claridad que son telas hechas con telar industrial

    • Sanmartin

      Estoy de acuerdo contigo, yo también lo he observado y ya lo he comentado y además sobreactúan cuando se acercan al hombre blanco. Son cazadores y guerreros y no creo que se comportasen así de manera natural…

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  • Bbyrnewv

    it’s curious how this encounter /exchange is seen as “good” or “bad” by the commentators.  In fact it just is…and always will be the way of it.  strangers…real strangers meeting for the first time.  assessing each other and then interacting in ways to advance your own interests and perspectives.  Exploitation and “taking advantage” is part of the human way…
    There are fewer and fewer of these types of people left…who know nothing of the outside world, so this type of experience is interesting but unlikely to be repeated.  The real question is how to relate to other strangers in ways that promote joint interests rather than destructive levels of self interest.  Can this be learned? encouraged ?  

  • Bbyrnewv

    it’s curious how this encounter /exchange is seen as “good” or “bad” by the commentators.  In fact it just is…and always will be the way of it.  strangers…real strangers meeting for the first time.  assessing each other and then interacting in ways to advance your own interests and perspectives.  Exploitation and “taking advantage” is part of the human way…
    There are fewer and fewer of these types of people left…who know nothing of the outside world, so this type of experience is interesting but unlikely to be repeated.  The real question is how to relate to other strangers in ways that promote joint interests rather than destructive levels of self interest.  Can this be learned? encouraged ?  

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  • Me emocionó este video, pero a la vez pena por las implicancias que traería después. No sé que será de esta tribu, pero espero que no les haya pasada nada. En sus rostros no se les nota maldad sólo ingenuidad y limpieza sin la contaminación de nuestra llamada “cultura”

  • Me emocionó este video, pero a la vez pena por las implicancias que traería después. No sé que será de esta tribu, pero espero que no les haya pasada nada. En sus rostros no se les nota maldad sólo ingenuidad y limpieza sin la contaminación de nuestra llamada “cultura”

  • Daniel

    Me emocionó este video, pero a la vez pena por las implicancias que traería después. No sé que será de esta tribu, pero espero que no les haya pasada nada. En sus rostros no se les nota maldad sólo ingenuidad y limpieza sin la contaminación de nuestra llamada “cultura” 

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    Nu cred că în aceste populații ar trebui să se intervină.
     Aceștia sunt in paradis și nu ar trebui scoși de acolo.

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  • jkein

    Lo que me sorprende es ver que el hombre blanco va a enseñarles erramientas y demas, como si nosotros fuesemos los maestros y ellos los alumnos, mejor observar y aprender lo que pedimos que ellos si que tienen una sabiduria mas conectada con lo natural que nos conviene recuperar, menos enseñar y mas observar y reaprender.

  • jkein

    viendo este video, pienso en por que tenemos que ir a enseñarles nada, ellos son los ignorantes y nosotros los sabios civilizados ??(como lei hace poco) por dios, no nos hemos dado cuenta ya que todo lo que tocamos lo destrozamos, ademas que quien deberia estar mirando con lupa y con mucha admiracion y respeto, deberiamos de ser nosotros,ellos tienen lo que nosotros perdimos, que leches le vamos a enseñar nosotros???, a destruirse a ellos mismos???? porque desde luego para eso somos especialistas, ellos son una fuente de sabiduria que nosotros perdimos, osea que menos ir a enseñar nada y mas mirar y aprender.

  •  15 mn de bonheur… et de peine… Si tout ce que la “civilisation” a de mieux à apporter que des appareils-photo, des magnéto, des allumettes, la vérole et la tuberculose (et la religion “vraie”..?) à ces Gens… maudite soit la civilisation. Mais tel est le PROPRE de l'”humanité: la recherche du “progrès”, du “confort” et déjà c’est trop tard, les meilleures intentions du monde auront pavé leur enfer… qui est “déjà” dans leurs yeux. Préservons leur PLACE POUR VIVRE et… FOUTONS-LEUR LA PAIX, bordel..!

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    Me parece emocionante, pero el realizador se ha dado cuenta que ese contacto podría desembocar en infecciones para los indígenas? y que éstos, ingenuos como son, piensen que todos los hombres blancos son amables? Creo que se ha puesto a esa comunidad en un grave peligro inconscientemente.

    • fabiola Cruz

      Jorge tu crees que esos horrendos blancos depredadores y destructores llegaron allí por casualidad?? Que no eran concientes de que les podian prender enfermedades?? Que ponian a ese grupo etnico en peligro??  Justamente llegan a todos los rincones de la tierra para violentar el medio ambiente natural, engañar, enfermar  y matar. Todo en los blancos obedece a planeaciones: planes, programas, tareas…pero claro siempre diciendo que es que los van a civilizar como si ellos necesitaran de las porquerías de esta mal llamada civilización; que les van a enseñar ( Qué paradoja) que Dios existe y evangelizarlos y dañarles su espiritualidad..En fín destruir: el unico objetivo que esta raza siempre ha tenido y de lo cual viven orgullosos.

  • Agape55

    El video es falso!! El Sr.(estoy insultando a los Srs de verdad)  Jordi es un ignorante mayusculo y como esto siga asi, les daran la independencia a los catalanes insoportables en su actitud, y sera el principio del derrumbamiento nacional. Si tanto les molestaba Franco como es que no dijeron ni palabra entonces?- y que conste que yo me vine a USA huyendo de Franco.- ahora con eso de la democracia no hay mas que las ratas saliendo de los agujeros y provocando infecciones..que pena con lo bonito que era nuestro Pais sin la influencia catalana por todas partes…….

    • jkein

      No se que haceis discutiendo, en una guerra de cocos que esta perdida de ante mano, desde luego que no habeis mirado bien el video, que todos somos uno, dejaos ya de haber quien sabe mas, mucho coco y poco corazon, estais mas asustaos que los indigenas del video, pero lo peor es que vosotros no os relajais, ellos dejan de desconfiar cuando creen que el otro no es una amenaza, vosotros seguiis viendo una amenaza en la diferencia de ideas, libertad amigos libertad, y ahora seguro que remeteis conmigo, haya vosotros, hay quien cree que lo sabe todo y tiene la cabeza bien llena y no es esa la cuestion.

  • Kapiticook

    What a shame that those charming people have been found.  Next thing, religion, alcohol, disease will wipe them out because white man thinks everyone should live like them.

    • Betina1

       Charming?  That sure is a biased comment.  How would you know?  Because they are NOT white?  Stupid white people invented “multiculturalism” which is shorthand for “hey! let’s wipe out our race and culture and boot lick the non whites of the world”.  Your remarks are a sign of a chauvinist, a bigot, and an ignoramus.  Most white people just want to live their lives unmolested by left wing shit.  It’s the “elites” of the world, of all colors, that are driving the misery. 

      • Necoraptor

         Well leftist Stalin and Mao killed people.. Let me see; the crusades, War on Afghanistan, Iraq War, Napoleonic War, World war I and World war II.

        Yep, leftists did them all. Well pray your lord to kill much as you can you mindless idiots.

        Keep denying the science, yet don’t be ashamed to be hypocrites to use its marvels.

        White supremacists, making me laugh so hard… Capitalism made you supreme? Colonizing the world, living in harmony and joy. Enslaving masses…

        Yeah pray a lot.

        • Tyrone Washington

          Necoraptor, you feign intellectualism as is the habit of atheists everywhere. Since you THINK you are so very smart, why don’t you expound some of your genius here and now.  America enslaves NOBODY.  Your lies are as despicable as they are ignorant.  Now please, some science from you, IF you know any at all.  
          Here is a spoof on the misplaced condescension and ignorance of atheists:  http://proofthereisnogod.blogspot.com

          • Abraham

            Tyrone, I guess you have no idea what God is…

        • wildfirexx

          For your info..
          .The Euro race is responsible for 99% of the inventions, medicine and democracy that is used and copied around the world.  We are going through a form of scientific evolution, which can not be stopped.   It is unfortunate that the euro race are the ones that are in danger of extenction due to forced multiculturalism as stated above.  Without the West’s generosity to the third world they would still be living in the dark ages like this tribe.  Maybe life was less stressful back then under those conditions, however life expectency was a lot shorter too.  When does the Caucasian race get recognition for all the good that we have contributed world wide, instead of always being made out to look like the evildoers.

          • Fabiola Cruz

            Nowadays, everybody can see the result of destruction, unhappiness and earth damage cause by your race. Look at your name: wildfire!!

          • Nick Folkes

            Without Europeans the world would be a ghetto. The third world would still be living in darkness without white man’s magic. The third world should bow down at our feet.

          • Kyrkos Ekaterinaris

            Yes, thank goodness these primitives found civilisation and started living our way! Living in harmony with earth? Bah! Who needs this hippie crap! Yes, we may have a wildfire or a tsunami every now and live under threat of nuclear arms, but we’re happy! Are they happy? How can you be happy when you don’t have an i-pad, i-phone, cable tv and high-speed broadband? Damned primitives!

      • JanSk

        ‘left wing’ is basically a white men’s invention…

        • Nick Folkes

          Everything is a “white man’s invention” what isn’t?

          • JanSk

            off the top of my head: gun powder, paper, and the compass by the Chinese; writing, by the Mesopotamians, the Egyptian toothpaste, breath mints and bowling, just to name a few…

      • Fireside1

         Backward moron!

    • Their lifestyle is so “charming” and lovely, you should join them, Kapticook.  You certainly have that option.  What’s holding you back?  All throughout history, and all the world over, people have fled the hardships and rigors of primitive tribal life to come to the city and create (gasp!) civilization.  I have no diseases, no alcohol problems.  As to “religion,” how has your atheism worked out?  Atheist Stalin killed tens of millions.  Atheist Mao Tse Tung killed even more.
      Leftist atheists think they have all the answers, which have culminated in the likes of North Korea and Cuba.

      • Omoshun1

        You have said only have of society’s problem. I am cuban/american and I know exactly how it is….kudos for your statement Mr Washington

      • Mapuchenano

        Your religion and your systematic brainwash through the years of your life make you blind.
        Go to Cuba and see the reality do not believe the dirty propaganda of the controlled media mainly in USA.
        Religion is only invented to control the mind of people. God is only the life,we are the gods who made life for better or for worse.Wake up

      • Mapuchenano

        Your religion and your systematic brainwash through the years of your life make you blind.
        Go to Cuba and see the reality do not believe the dirty propaganda of the controlled media mainly in USA.
        Religion is only invented to control the mind of people. God is only the life,we are the gods who made life for better or for worse.Wake up

      • Faith

        Surely the Spanish Inquisition and burning of witches were invented by atheists.
        So were the crusades, 9/11 and human sacrifice.
        The list is endless.

        • mdn

          q tendrá q ver 

        • Velomartinez

          Todos los años mueren millones de personas antes de nacer por aborto voluntario. ¿Son culpables las religiones? El aborto es patrimonio del ateísmo, y se cobra más víctimas que las cruzadas o la Inquisición. Además, la Inquisición española no es modelo de una Religión, y tampoco asesinó indiscriminadamente, sino con procesos legales limitados.
          Hay que estudiar un tema antes de opinar; hay que pensar antes de repetir frases hechas.

          • Phnx

            Aqui en los EEUU, mas de 40 milliones han habido matado por aborto en los ultimos 50 anos. Eso es el patrimonio de ateismo.

            • Nari

              Falso de toda falsedad…no se han visto ordas de ateos arrasando poblaciones, Los gobernantes yanquis no son ateos…cuantos muertos en Vietnam, irak, afganistan. etc.

          • Saz

            Desde cuando es legitimo, matar, robar, violar…. 

          • Nari

            No se justifica que unos ignorntes como los inquisidores…matarn a otros mas ignorantes que ellos, y donde estuvieron mataron selectivamente a quienes les convenia matar.

          • Xav

            Si son personas “antes de nacer”, entonces no son personas… En lugar de decir tonterias, “hay que pensar antes de repitir frases hechas”… !

        • Hurben

          You are right the list is endless, and God is furieus about it…………….Jes 26:21.

      • Yvon Tetreault

        Your are ok for almost everything, except for atheism, you have not named the great men and
        women who were atheists and contributed to make our life better in almost every field of this
        world we live in. You should have named all religions that killed people in the name of God.
        Yvon Tetreault

        • susan

          That’s so so true! thanks.

      • Nari

        Trash talk

      • Τάσος Λάδικος

        i tasted a nice civilized blowjob from your girlfriend last night

      • Aggelos Rossidis

        god killed his son for mankind and christians billions for gods name.
        well it seems that atheist and christian do have common things after all

    • Wodimago

      I agree with you, next we will steal them their freedom, their purity, their innocence, everything we have lost with the “civilization”. 

      • Fabiola Cruz

        I completely agree with you.

      • Rhino8561

        the film is 36 years old. .in this  tribe, the elders rarely live past the age of 50. All the adults you have seen here are most likely dead. Disease and malnutrition are  the main causes

        • Glenda Fields

          Well your comment sure puts a different prospective on this. This is the first time ever I’ve heard of them.

          I guess they survived the exposure. At least, so far, for some 36-odd yrs!

    • Altruist

      You’re comment is sad and retrograde to say the least….Papua new guinea is a timed island, if it wasn’t for the “White Man” these ppl would still be living up to 50 (max), malnutrition, diseases, ignorance….you talk about innocence,freedom,purity?
      Why are you using a computer? go to Papua and live you’re life the way you want….
      It’s kinda redundant criticizing progress using the Internet to do so……Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but you aren’t blessed, just ignorant u and ppl like Fabiola (Brazillian? Indian ascendence?). Read more,learn more and pls make sense in you’re comments. But im not going to lie, i would prefer these ppl to be hunting animals with sticks and to be dead the day after with crazy infections. This kind of “help” to Papua,Africa,Brazil, just served to mine our Europe.
      Ingrateful ppl…

    • Susan

      Bring them rubbish stuff and kills their soul and leave them depressed and unsatisfied!

    • mario

      we can´t discuss this so simply.

    • Nick Folkes

      The white man doesn’t want third world parasites to “live like them”. The third world wants to live like the white man.

    • koliri

      i disagree.
      You dont know if they already have a religion or if they produce their own kind of alcoholic drink.
      If we want to argue on something then lets find something else.

  • Malverro79

     Me ha emocionado

  • Kapiticook

    Get out of there now PNG natives!! Otherwise disease, junk food and religion will screw you all!

  • Berni coyotzi

    puras mama………quedas amigo rion

  • did someone say “long pig?”

  • nohemi

    increiblemente  fantastico..gracias

  • sfrederic2

    quel besoin d’aller “polluer” ces gens avec notre “civilisation” qui détruit tout ce qu’elle touche

  • Hencavanhees

    Prachtig filmpje, bedankt.

  • Yehuditraz

    Wonderful film.I loved the developing of the feelings of the  Papouens ,from suspicious,fear,tention,sirious looks and surprise into curiosity,laugh and happines.

  • Marilu37229


  • Rellen1419

    This film clip was so icredible.  Thank you!  How good these people seem to be.  Despite their initial fear of the white man.  Whatever happened to them?

  • FrLW

    I hope this is somewhere on the internet without the terrible music from another continent (There is one on Youtube but it’s in 240p quality, 360p doesn’t work). For the rest this looks great.

    I’ve been on Papua (West) myself years ago, and then all the kids crowded around my jelling Putih, Putih and they where touching me also. They haven’t seen a white man before in there youngh life. The parent did ofcourse.
    The movie is not fake.

  • Reihaneh Mirzahossein

    It is very interesting!!!!! I can’t believe it.

  • Estevez Angelesmary210

    Es increible, que aun existan civilizaciones con tanto atraso, pero seguro son una gente sin maldad, que es lo que importa!!!

  • Jarroyoh

    En 1976,
    el Team Explorer Jean-Pierre Dutilleaux llegó por primera vez en contacto con
    las tribus primitivas de Toulambis (Papua, Nueva Guinea), cuyos miembros habían
    llegado nunca en contacto con el mundo exterior y tampoco había visto a seres
    humanos con piel blanca. La cámara la asustada y inmortalizó su completa de curiosa

  • Toniaros


  • ehsan02

    fucking fake. spoiled people. how they did haircut? 

  • Ghazal_m2000

    Leave them alone please

  • lory

    a mi me ha resultado muy interesante la verdad  y emotivo su curiosidad y su temor

  • Jacorbin2000

    Algunos estais mentalmente más aislados y sumidos en la tribu que los indigenas del documental; lástima de historia y medios… tirados. Luego os sentís indignados cuando os califican como provincianos. Continuad así que vais bien.  

  • es un video actuado y la musica es de indigenas de norteamerica.

    • Gabi Pin Zen

      Claro que la música es de norteamérica.
      En muchos momentos como este el hombre blanco ha encontrado a tribus indígenas como ésta.
      También pienso que la imagen es demasiado nítida para ser de 1976. Pero así sería.
      Estoy de acuerdo, que les dejen vivir en paz.

    • Mickem

      lot of filozofy here and in three languages Very good muy bueno et vraiment tres bien… et les esrprits s’echauffent! But I wonder if those guys could see that whitish chick dating asians accross their screen, and if they think it’s much better than a box of matches? Oh sorry she was not there 36 ago tough luck pure people. All the comments earlier on spoiled this for me a little so i revenge with my stuff.

      • Adriana Herta

        4 languages, more exactly. And with mine, five.
        Inocența și puritatea sufletească primordială luând contact, din nefericire, cu „ minunata lume nouă ” mistificatoare …

  • ionius

    Mi-a placut foarte mult acest filmulet..

  • I have been among indigenous peoples in the Amazon basin, and I can tell you with certainty that, regardless of the possible merits of this video’s intended message, it is certainly scripted and acted out according to previous arrangement.

    • An

       see the date… it is 1976……

  • MEXA

    I think this is FAKE. Too clear to be recorded in1976. If it is not the history repeats itself. LEAVE THEM ALONE !!!!!

    • GiGr

       1976 is not prehistory… The Godfather was recorded in 1971 and Star Wars in 1977… Images in these movies were not less clears than these ones.

  • Eric

    Superficially you can like it. Once you start to reflect on the whole videostory there are too many things that disturb your happiness. In the first place, the movements seem acted, the whole thing seems fake and this is confirmed by this link (already given twice by others):


    Even if the film is authentic, it’s indeed a proof of arrogance by western human beings to show these primitives things they don’t know only to watch how amazed they are. As if they really need knives, white rice, camera’s etc. I hope they survived this meeting with civilization. That’s not evident at all!

  • Cecy, Mexicali B.C.

    Estoy totalmente de acuerdo Maria Ferruica, mucho podemos aprender de ellos.. esperemos que solo sea un documental y no se aprovechen para acabar con su habitad como acostumbra el hombre.

  • Anonymous

    Quelle stupidité de montrer à ces indigènes des objets qui ne peuvent que bouleverser leurs existences paisibles.
    Il fallait leur amener de l’alcool aussi ! c’est navrant et pas une bonne pub pour ces “explorateurs” de pacotille qui ne respectent rien !

    • momo

      rien compris à la démarche !!!, et en plus il juge !!!!!

  • Gerry Christie

    There is a refreshing honesty and native intelligence at work her. I visited the webpagehttp://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00223340410001684868 the dis-believers credit in crying fake and found the text referenced another tribe/area of n Elitest bigots prefer to think white men are the only ones capable of ew Guinea. I especially liked their sign for new ideas 9tapping the back of their head). There interst in seeing if the ‘colour’ would come off, and their ease of using matches, only 2 false starts to grasp it then discard the useage – after all matches arn;t readily available to them. The rice eqating and preference for fingering their food was refreshing. in all a great video of cultural exchange.

  • Jordi125

    Si hubieran sido exploradores españoles ya se los habrian cargado,es lo que hicieron con todas las civilizaciones en la conquista de America.Solo les quedan los catalanes…

    • Anonymous

      Esto lo dice Jordi como buen español que es, tonto por naturaleza por tirar puedras contra su propio tejado… a ver si viajas un poquito y asi aprenderás de cuantas cosas puedes sentirte orgulloso de tu país…

      • Sergi

        Orgulloso de que ? de la españa de pandereta ? en la que la cultura se limita a toros, toreros y paella con sangria ? sabes ? hay una realidad mas alla del flamenco. Como buen español habrias de valorar la diversidad de nuestra cultura desde el respeto y no limitarte a descalificar aquello que se separa de la cultura cañi

        • Putoscatalanes

          No se que estas orgulloso, de la Cataluña de burgeses que apoyaron a Franco para conseguir todos los privilegios que tenéis mientras aplastaba al resto del país.
          Los que dicen las sandeces que tu dices sois unos títeres de los ignorantes que todavía os siguen engañando en Cataluña. Ya va siendo hora de que desperteis y dejéis de hacer el borrego a los que os gobiernan en esa taifa.
          Afortunadamente en Cataluña no todos opinan igual.

      • Gabi Pin Zen

        Anonymous, como el típico español, te descalificas a ti mismo.
        Vascos y catalanes, seguido de madrileños, somos los que más viajamos por el mundo, y precisamente, Los catalanes dominaron el Mediterraneo y me averguenzo de que fueran los navegantes vascos los que dirigieron en sus conquistas a los españoles, por todos los oceanos del planeta.
        Orgulloso de España?, jajaja, de su corrupción?, de su picaresca?, de su envidia, cotilleo, hipocresía y falsedad?, de su monarquía corrupta?, de un Borbón que no tenía donde caerse muerto, y ahora tiene una de las 10 mayores fortunas europeas, a base de oscuros negocios, y encima caza los mas bellos animales de la tierra? y con la que cae? orgullosísimo, jajajaja

      • Joe

        I strongly believe this is a fake footage. The movements of the natives look too elavorated. They keep watching the cameras to make sure the viewers are watching them.IT’S A FAKE TO ME!!!!

    • Cross

      Menudo ignorante estás hecho amigo. Anda lee, que todo está en los libros

      • Sergi

        Tu si que estas hecho un ignorante ! Que quiere decir que esta en los libros ? que el Mein Kanf de Hitler es cierto ? España no existía como nación en 1492 so cateto. Los que fueron no eran españoles y desde luego no eran Catalanes, eran del reino de castilla.

        • DAPMJPRRP


          Aun que sea mentira podriamos admitir que la actuacion de los indios fue muy buena y confiar que puedan seguir desnudos y con vestimentas de tela de yute por un largo rato.

          Una victima del descubrimiento del 1492

      • Gabi Pin Zen

        La ignorancia es atrevida. Tú Cross si que no has leido apenas la historia de este santo país.
        En 1492 , en el inicio de la conquista de América, el Estado Español o España,  todavía no existía,y la península ibérica estaba dominada por 4 reinos. Y, por cierto,el Reino de  Navarra que fue finalmente conquistado brutalmente en el 1512 por los Castilla, cuyo triste 500 aniversario se cumple este año.

    • Sergi

      Muy bien dicho !! pero que les has de explicar a un grupo de miopes culturales que harían lo mismo que sus ancestros si tuviesen oportunidad. Son los mismos que miran de destruir la cultura catalana porque es diferente que la suya.

    • Luisher

      Es lo que tienen los nacionalismos, el Catalan y el Español yo solo soy un ciudadano del mundo por eso

      • Gabi Pin Zen

        no me digas?, es que los catalanes, vascos y españoles no son ciudadanos del mundo o qué?
        por favor!, vas muy de guay.

    • Jsolorzano

      Bobo si quisiéramos ya habríais pasado a los museos. Rovira espécimen de la autonomía catalana, enano y cabezón.

      • Gabi Pin Zen

        Los españoles como tú, os descalificais a vosotros mismos.
        Demuestras una vez más, tu espíritu conquistador falto de todo respeto humano.

    • Gabi Pin Zen

      ,,,,,sí, los catalanes y los vascos también. Aunque hace tiempo ya que nos conquistaron.

  • Persea_

    No sé por que, pero no lo veo muy real, a veces me parece muy fingido, .
    De ser cierta la imagen, pues muy intersante ver como reaccionamos ante lo desconocido.

    • Anonymous

      Persea, googlea Jean-Pierre Dutilleaux y checa todas las evidencias. es real.

  • Alexandros

    Por favor, déjenlos en paz … detrás de éste periodista seguramente vendrán las topadoras que destruirán su habitat, las represas, la ambición del hombre blanco de poseerlo todo …

    • Persea_

      Dejarlos??? Pero si esto lo gragaron en el 1976, un poquito tarde diría yo

  • a great and wonderfull video!

  • ZEP


  • Ricardo Marques

    Excelente video!
    Creio que agora depois de descoberta essa tribo as doenças do homem branco irão sucumbilos a morte, assim como foi desimados os índios de meu País… Pataxós, Guaranís, Yamorés, todos eles mortos pelos Português que aqui vieram… O Brasil não foi descoberto por Portugal, foi conquistado e disputado cada palmo de terra a troco de sangue índigena latino e africano.

    • Anonymous

      Se tivessem sido descobertos pelos espanhóis tinha sido bem pior não?

  • this movie is fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How does this work??? How are they able to learn how use matches within seconds??? FAKE

  • K-Pou


    How do they honestly think that will bring anything good to them !


    Como pueden pensar que eso lesva a traer algo bueno !!

    Eso me indigna !!

  • Ev’chen

    I enjoyed it immensely, very interesting and I totally believe this was genuine. Curious kids can’t act like that.
    Hope to see more of those people and their culture.

  • yo mismo

    es evidente que es demasiado falso,, ni la musiquilla debe de enternecernos. En una escena sale una linterna pequeña negra que empezo a fabricarse en 1988, solo les falta a los indigenas sacar el cassio para compensar,,,,,
    saludos a todos

    • Anonymous

      eres un pendejo

  • Anonymous

    I would say this is a fake as non o them seems to realize there is a camera man there too all the time. They just look and touch the white main character which is exactly what they would do in a film.

    Best wishes for all.


  • É um documento interessante. Só é uma pena que tenham substituido os sons dos momentos por uma musiqueta étnica.

  • jimi

    This a load of shite. Met these people outside a bar in Bradford last week.
    Stag party I think. Still in hospital, thanks a million cave men.

  • That was great

    That was great

  • Verdaderamente interesante. Me asombra como llegan a nuestro mundo con el miedo y la curiosidad reflejado en sus ojos y sus movimientos de cautela ante el hombre blanco tantos siglos respetados por ellos.
    Parece que al fin han olvidado todo lo que se les ha hecho en tantos años.
    Me entristece ver esos niños principalmente cuando vuelven a su mundo.
    No hay manera de arreglar nada. Verdad?
    Muy buen reportaje.

    Saludos desde Galicia

  • Ricardo

    Verdaderamente asombroso. Esperemos que el hombre blanco, no haga de las suyas como siempre.




    Independientemente de que el hombre blanco, utiliza “espejos de colores”, para ganar la cnfianza de los nativos, sorprendiendolos con un espejo, un fosforo, el roce de la `piel, lo que se muestra es que el blanco es q uien descubre al nativo, lo encandila con el fuego de unfosforo, la imagen en el espejo, la cuchara en lugar de los dedos para comer. Ellos sin utilizar objetos muestran que han vivido millones de años sin ir mas alla del palo, la proteccion dela selva tropical, Es emocionanate ver sus expresiones de sorpresa. Las consideraciones politicas sobre como el hombre civilizado?? se apropio de su fuerza de trabajo,, sus recursos, ya han sido denunciadas por los hombres y mujeres humanizados. Esto es solo una curiosidad. Quiza los niños aprovecharan para distinguir entre lo visto y lo que ven

  • ejwestlake

    This video is a fake. The Journal of Pacific History, Volume 39, Issue 1, 2004 “The hunt for authenticity: Stone Age Stories Out of Context.”

    • Sanmartin

      Me alegro que alguien haya desvelado la verdad. Que es una falsificación: ”
      This video is a fake. The Journal of Pacific History, Volume 39, Issue 1, 2004 “The hunt for authenticity: Stone Age Stories Out of Context.”
      Gracias amigo


    Muito bonito o video, emocionante…
    Fantástico, Fabuloso

    abraços !



  • ce document qui nous transporte il y a 3O ou 40.000 ans en arrière , ne représente pourtant que l’image de peu de temps passé depuis que l’homme est bipède, regardez le seul, en silence,sans le son qui n’est rien par rapport aux gestes; aprés faites une pose de sérénité.

  • Jafer

    Precioso video, es increible que se este gastando tanto dinero en buscar vida en otros planetas mientras existen tantas cosas por conocer en el nuestro y seres humanos “niños” aqui a dos pasos que se mueren de hambre.

  • There are a mixture of postive and negative comments about this meeting between cultures. These “primitives” probably have values that the white man should learn. They probably already have something similar to rice, such as kasava, which is probably more nutrritious that white rice. We can hope that none of the white man’s diseases flowed from this contact. On the positive side, it didn’t lead to any battles, or broken heads. Does anyone know if there has been any further interaction with these people? I can only speculate about the comments in languages other than english.

    • GabyStan

      We’re probably going to “civilize” and transform them into consumers, into “happy slaves”, real soon.

  • Konecne fantasticke video…uzasne

  • Ignasi Arañó Güell

    Could be perfectly un muntatge, però el jefe és euténtic, veure reaccions , gestos, com mira els aparells del blannc mentre li ofereix la ma el blanc=Deu. M’agradoa sentir-fho amb els cors de Nabuc de Verdi, se’m posen els pels de punta, Es com l’escena del monolit de 2001, Ignasi.

    • Pere

      Ignasi, estoy seguro de que tu comentario lo ha entendido todo el mundo, porque está escrito en un idioma que hablan milloooones de personas de los 5 continentes. El mío apenas lo entenderá nadie, porque lo estoy escribiendo en un idioma que sólo lo hablan 400 millones de personas y que es la 2ª lengua más solicitada en el mundo para ser aprendida. Empezaste bien en inglés pero luego se ve que sólo querías que te entendieran en tu pueblo. Ale, nen bona nit.

      • cervantes

        Pere, tonto, perquè no parlès en xinès?

        • Pere

          Tú que te autodenominas Cervantes y sólo sabes insultar. No has entendido nada de mi comentario anterior. Anda, aprende bien español, vuelve a leerlo, si sigues sin entenderlo pregunta a alguien más listo que tú (que no será difícil encontrarlo) y luego si quieres me comentas algo.

  • anca bratan

    It is interesting but not spectacular. It seems natural that those people be surprised by things that have never seen.
    Maybe their life is better than the “civilized”

  • cyriel van mullem

    adembenemend – prachtig. is een schoolvoorbeeld dat men om gelukkig te kunnen leven zich niet moet ” spiegelen ” aan de ander , maar dat men in eerbied voor de ander in eigen ziel en geest de tevredenheid van ” echt ” geluk moet zoeken.

  • Horace

    Most people here comment about how corrupt and ignorant the white man is, vis-a-vis the “pure” Papuans. Well, you should be more tolerant and see that white man approaches them in peace. That white man respected them, as they respected white man.

    This is a superb meeting betwen two civilisations. Doesn’t matter the differences, the encounter went beautifully. This had happened so many times in human history…. the only thing is that they didn’t have a camera to record it, then.

    All in all: white man has a great civilization, it is good that we share its values with others.

    For those who still hang on the “bon sauvage” model, please go there and have fun.

    Democracy, progress, techonology, human rights and mutual rspect are all Western inventions. Isn’t it great to have them and respect them and promote them?

    • Linamar

      I thing that it is very irresponsible to show the things they show to this “pure state” humans beings. Why those objects? Why not to go, in the very same way, almost nude? It talks a lot the chosen things. White men are warriors, conquerors (the knife), self-centered (the mirror) and with hunger (the rice)…

    • graffeuil

      La rencontre de deux civilisations, que tout semble opposer, est toujours un grand pas pour l’humanité et le rapprochement des peuples.
      Si c’est un montage avec mise en scène, et bien bravo
      pour le sens artistique et la beauté de ces images.
      Le but est atteint puisque les commentaires sont plus interressants les uns que les autres.

  • Surprenant , mais en AMAZONIE ” Profonde ” , qui n’a pas encore été exploré , il excite encore aujourd’hui des TRIBUTS «dites»
    sauvagnes et qui n’ont jamais vues L’HOMME BLANC ‘. Ce que nous venons de voir est bien le reflet d’une civilation qui se trouve très bien comme cela . Ce qui lui évite les maladies , qui ne pourraient être que dévastatrices pour toute les Tributes environnantes.
    Ce raportage est surenant , Grandiose de par le lieu où il a été tourné et devrait être bénéfique pour NOUS tous les dépravés du Monde qui saccageont tout sur notre PASSAGE . Sans réfléfir aux conséquences . Ce petiit film devrait être montré dans toutes les écoles de France , le BE.NE.LUX . et de Navarre.

  • Ernest Kaiser

    I was surprised at the ignorance of the white man. His hand motions expressed the idea that he wanted them to give him something. He seemed to think that shaking hands is a universal thing, it is not. Greeting is usually an arm extended upward,
    I lived in Fiji for four years, the Fijians are close relatives of these Papuan people. I would have loved to hear their language, I can speak some Fijian and would like to compare their language to it. Fijian carries strong African overtones: mb, ng, nd, with bits of Polynesian thrown in.
    Great people!

  • angot lefebvre

    Je dirais seulement que ces blancs sont des imbèciles, et font cela seulement pour faire mousser leur ego dans la société de merde dans laquelle ils vivent

  • Maria Ferrusca

    Me dio mucho gusto el haber podido ver la inocencia the las personas Toulambis en Papua. Pero al mismo tiempo me dio tristesa de ver como el hombre blaco juega y goza de ver como reaccionan los de una tribu cuando se les precentan los grandes inventos de las grandes civilicaciones del los tiempos modernos. Me dolio el ver que el hombre blanco les haya introducido a los Toulambis (unade las pocas tribus que nos quedan en Nuestro Gran Planeta TIERRA) el cuchillo una de las primeras herramientas con las cuales un ser humano puede ser muerto, los cerillos causar la perdida de un foreste o mas que eso. Por que no mejor nosotros primero aprendemos de la sencilles de la vida en que ellos viven, llena de paz y amor.

    • Alexandros

      Excelente comentario, María, excelente !!!!

  • Gazou9740

    Ce documentaire est une supercherie. Il avait presque bleufé les ethnologues de l’époque mais le canular a été découvert. Pour ceux qui s’y connaissent, les femmes et les enfants ne vont pas à la chasse chez les chasseurs cueilleurs… il y avait encore d’autres éléments qui ont permis de faire éclater la vérité, mais mes années d’étude sont loin….

  • clopic

    Ces gens vivaient sans doute heureux, en bonne harmonie avec la nature,
    sans les maladies et les vices qui nous affectent…
    Je me demande si ce n’est pas pour eux une catastrophe que d’avoir rencontré nos contemporains et notre sois-disant progrès.
    Je suis curieux de savoir ce qu’ils sont devenus… et j’ose espérer qu’ils vivent encore et dans le même bonheur!

  • erika

    I think this video is great!
    it shows us more about how tribes live without all the stuff we have.
    I wonder IF we are really more happy with our stuff.
    They can do it without a computer, agenda’s boxes, mobile phones, make-up, what ever. This shows us how actually insane we are.
    Why do we want all this stuff, unthough we can do it without?

    But i think it’s great what the white man is doing. The takes the time to introduce himself. He is helping them! The will not use a knife to kill someone, but they can use it very well in their work!!
    And rice…

    But one problem, the will be very confused, because the white man can’t explain anything. So they will be left shocked or whatever.

    And how bad, the haven’t heard about the Gospel of Jezus Christ yet…

  • gilbert

    quel malheur de corrompre les derniers hommes de la planète !
    des couteaux, des miroirs, du riz blanc !

    vraiment très triste

  • Liliane DM

    Merci pour ce merveilleux partage.
    De l’émotion à l’état pur!

  • guitou

    fantastique…..mais je suppose que celà n’existe plus à l’heure actuelle.
    la mondialisation a du faire son oeuvre destructrice

  • elurtza


    • carpe

      This dialect is zoulu. Only a few people in Africa can understand it.

  • elurtza

    Once again, the “civilization” shows its pathetic, unconscious, arrogant, narcissistic, clumsy, blind and deaf tendency.
    Good luck to the Toulamis!!!! they will need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elurtza


  • elu

    Un fois de plus l’homme blanc (ou mieux dit, la “civilization”) montre sa tendence pathetique, inconsciente, arrogante, maladroite, narcisiste, aveugle et sourde!!!!
    Bonne chance au peuple Toulambis!!!!!!! il en aura besoin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • deschenes jean luc

    beau reportage mais laisser ces peuples en paix et surtout ne pas leur montrer notre mode de vie destructive . ça sera peut etre les derniers survivant d’une guerre Nucléaire!!!!

  • jean lefevre

    la VIE est de toutes les approches forcément BELLE

  • jean lefevre

    Fabuleux de toutes manières………………………………ce petit gamin à la toison fleurissante sera peut-être demain ce prodigieux chercheur qui trouvera les bons remèdes contres les infections et nous libérera des effroyables fatalités d’Alzheimer……………………………..merci…………………….la vie est prodigieuse……………………(La mélodie…jolie fait penser à une mélopée des peuples indiens d’Amérique du Nord………………………..?….Erreur ? inapproprié.?……………m’en fou, c’est beau…….)

  • 15 minutes de pur bonheur et de pleine joie.
    Bravo et merci .

  • Iason
  • Une question parmi bien d’autres que je me pose au sujet de ce court métrage c’est de savoir si en quittant l’homme blanc avec quelques babioles bien intentionnées ils ne sont repartis avec, aussi, quelques microbes aussi étrangères à leur monde que l’homme blanc.

  • I really don’t know what to make of this. Probably have enough time to down a few bottles philosophosizing about it !

  • El PULPO

    Εργαζομαι στην Papua New Guinea τα τελευταια 2 χρονια.
    Αυτη η ταινια πρεπει να ειναι πολυ παλια, αλλα ακομα υπαρχουν φυλες εδω που ζουν σε πρωτογονες συνθηκες.
    Εδω που εργαζωμαι την πρωτη φορα που ηρθαμαι (κατασκευαζομαι αεροδρομιο για της αναγκες της ExxonMobil) οι ανθρωποι μας “υποδεκτηκαν” καπως ετσι.


    Magnifique leçon,pour l ‘humanité,prenez note messieurs les politiques,je suis très ému par ce film ! LIVINGSTONE aurait aimé ces photos, ces explorateurs garderont à vie cette rencontre! dans leur coeur.

  • eli

    Después de más de 500 años y seguimos intentado enseñarles nuestros avances…pero no somos nosotros que hemos de aprender de ellos?

    • carpe

      Parecen vascos.

  • Très émouvant… c’est vraiment un très belle vidéo… MERCI !!!
    Quelle magnifique tribu qui vit très certainement en totale connexion et respect avec la Nature et son Semblable.
    Quelle belle leçon…prennons exemple sur eux !!!

    • Anonymous

      CARPE.- ¿Estas obsesionado con los vascos? Vete a que te lo miren.

  • yann

    chapeau bas mr Dutilleaux !!!

    incroyable, rarissime, cela prend ” aux tripes ”
    et dire que certains les qualifie de ” sauvages ” !!!!

    merveilleuse vidéo qui laissera longtemps des traces


  • la-veuve-noiredu62

    merveilleux !!!! inoubliable !!!!
    un grand merci de nous avoir fait profité de cette vidéo superbe !!!!!

  • katerina papadimitriou

    Αυθεντικό ή όχι, το βιντεάκι αυτό αποδεικνύει οτι ” όποιος ανακατεύεται με λευκούς του μαυρίζει η ψυχή!”
    Το πιάσατε το υπονοούμενο, χλωμά πρόσωπα;

  • Alessandro

    Dear Franz,
    the correct question we should ask ourselves,if we want to be honest, is not only to “leave them in peace”, but “to leave them in peace and not corrupt their hearts and souls, by making them participate in such a fake/prearranged video (probably for some $$$ or other goods)… as this is the ultimate “sickness” of western societies”

    • sherylizz

      oh yeah, you are so RIGHT

  • franz

    Wonderful BUT shouldn’t we leave these people in peace ?
    I feel there is something wrong and dangerous for them to bring them like this in contact with an unknown civilization !
    This is our pleasure, not their’s !

    • sherylizz

      @ franz -I agree totally with you. We are so FULL of ourselves. Leave these people in peace. Question remains: WHO is civilized? The westerners with all their gadgets and trinkets filled lives and moreover their arrogance? Touching them can infect them also with bacteria and virii that can be harmful to them. The Indians in South America were killed almost to extinction back in the days, when the Spanish introduced a simple cold to their culture. We are back in the days of bringing mirrors and beads to people WE call uncivilized. This whole videoclip is about VANITY. We smart ass whites, will show you how we get FIRE out of a little box. HOORAY. THIS my friends is a MIRROR. And see how fantastic our KNIFE works, compared to your lousy tools. What’s the purpose of introducing RICE to them? And watch this: we can record your VOICE TOO. By the way, we didn’t make any of this mind you. We are just CONSUMERS. We make people in 3rd world countries make these for less than a dollar a day, working 10 hours a day. 7 Days a week. We are westerners behaving like monkeys in a consumer’s crazed world. My final words about this videoclip: Damnit, totally disgusting. This is about superiority and so wrong. Leave these people alone.

  • robillard

    Super bien, ai apprécié j’ai vécu une rencontre a peu près semblable avec les pygmées du nord congo en 1964. J’étais accompagné d’un agent des eaux et forets de M’Baiki rive droite de la Lobaye..
    Je n’avais pas de caméra…. Impression extra ordinaire, ” est ce bien notre planète terre ????
    Merci celà m’a rajeuni

  • Super chouette vidéo, très émouvante! Je vous mets le lien vers les miennes:

  • Karen

    I was so moved by this video. Almost to tears but tears of happiness.

  • kill all the whites

    apisteuto to video. dustuxws o leukos prepei panta na katastrefei katheti armoniko me th fush. makari na afhname oles tis katastaseis na kulhsoun opws h fush epithumei, o kathenas ston topo kai sto xwro tou xwris paremvoles katapathtwn giati etsi xalaei h armonia. parakalw an kapoios mporei na mou pei an gnwrizei ta kommatia pou paizoun oso diarkei to video. euxaristw ek twn proterwn.

  • ‘Αντης

    ΚΑΤΑΠΛΗΚΤΙΚΟ σάν ψεύτικο, και όμως είναι ΑΛΗΘΙΝΟ και ΣΥΝΑΡΠΑΖΕΙ τον θεατή.

  • Alessandro
  • Tujunga Jon

    That’s a lot of new “magic” to absorb in one day.
    Those tribesmen, and women, did AMAZINGLY!


  • Fascinante

    C’est grâce à vous, créateur de ce document, que nous pouvons voir cette autre et étonnante vie des humains que nous ne connaissons pas. Merci pour ce beau et incroyable document.

  • lelias

    No Comments

  • mantlen

    je continue……je remercie cet explorateur qui a pu affronter cette tribu et avec quelle patience il a pu les convaincre qu’il ne leur veut pas de ma
    Je regrette M X ces gens ne sont pas faux , c’est nous qui sommes faux, ingrats cupide, mechant
    Merci encore a cet explorateur, aux photographes a toute l’émission!!!!!!!

  • mantlen

    je continue……je remercie cet explorateur

  • mantlen

    merci a cet explorateur qui a risqué sa vie, de nous montrer un autre aspect de la vie humaine. Pourquoi dites vous
    merci encore

  • nofear

    oi telefteoi agnoi eleftheroi pano stin gi.


    Je n’ai jamais vu rien d’aussi faux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    c’est une honte!!!!!!
    mais les guignols d’aujourd’hui gobent tout!!!!!!!
    ce n’est pas étonnant que nous sommes dans une telle MERDE!!!

    • Pomelko123

      Ceci se passe en 1976, et sans connaitre l’explorateur, je peux affirmer qu’il n’y a RIEN de faux dans ce reportage.
      J’ai vécu en Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée dans les années 1960, et je peux affirmer que c’est tout à fait authentique.
      Sur terre il n’y a pas que de Gaulois, et tout le monde n’habite pas dans des villas, ni roule pas en Twingo, et ne regarde pas TF1.

  • Francisco Millán (Guadalajara, México)

    Muy interesante video del encuentro de dos civilizaciones

  • N. Πολιτης

    Ο κύριος J.P.Dutillieux μάλλον δε θάχει ποτέ του δει τα υποδειγματικά ντοκιμαντέρ των πρώτων κινηματογραφιστών-εθνολόγων γιά τους “Αβορίγινες” της Αυστραλίας. (τα εισαγωγικά απαραίτητα γιατί οι ίδιοι δεν ονομάζονται έτσι! ). Προσφέρει λοιπόν ο όψιμος εθνολόγος, που δεν σέβεται αυτούς τους ανθρώπους ούτε κάν ως “αντικείμενο” της έρευνάς του, ό,τι θα καταδείξει στα γρήγορα την ανωτερότητα του “πολιτισμού” του.Πρώτα,τη φιλική χειρονομία ΤΟΥ. Πού χρόνος να μάθει αυτός τη ΔΙΚΗ ΤΟΥΣ. Μετά,τα σπίρτα!!! Τα καθρεφτάκια!!!. Κοντολογίς:τους έδειξε αυτός ο παρείσακτος πώς να πηδάν εντός πενταλέπτου απ΄τη λίθινη εποχή στήν εποχή του σιδήρου κι΄ακόμη παραπέρα, ως την εποχή -πώς να την πούμε; του πλαστικού και της εικόνας;
    Τους μάθατε λοιπόν τα πάντα με ταχύρυθμα σεμινάρια. Για το καλό τους;Ως τα τώρα, όσους Αβορίγινες, Ιθαγενείς ή Ινδιάνους “εκπολίτισε” ο ανώτερος πολιτισμός μας,τόχουν νοιώσει οι ίδιοι πολύ σκληρά στο τομάρι τους. Αφήστε τους λοιπόν ήσυχους. Τουλάχιστον αυτοί, θα χρειαστούν πολύ περισσότερο χρόνο γιά να καταστρέψουν τον πλανήτη.

  • takis

    πραγματικα αυτη ειναι η αληθινη ”μηχανη του χρονου”…αυτος εχει παει χιλιαδες χρονια πισω στο παρελθον και βλεπει πως ηταν η ζωη τοτε..και αυτοι ηρθαν στο μελλον..και εχουν μεινει….δεν ξερουν τπτ απο αυτα γυρω τους και απλα χαζευουν….απιστευτο…….

  • Despoina

    Emeis pou eimaste miktis katagwgis,pigame (tourismo) stin Afriki kai eixame sxedon tin idia antimetwpisi ap tous katoikous.Stamatagane sto dromo kai koitazane,kai eidika i aderfi mou pou pige se kapoio pio apomakrysmeno topo,mazeftike olo to xwrio tin aggizan,kai kapoioi perimenane nyxthimeron na vgei ap to spitaki apla gia na tin koitane.. Kai milame auto,gia meta to 2000. Opote pragmatika pisteuw oti auto to videaki einai pera gia pera alithino.Den einai anthrwpoii pou mporeis na tous kathodigiseis na kanoun ‘parastasi’.
    Euxaristoume ton uploader,alla kai autous pou pane ws ekei kai kanoun auta pou kanoun.

  • tralala

    “Το 1976, η ομάδα του εξερευνητή..” το ντοκιμαντέρ είναι του 1996 και ΟΧΙ του 1976. Το έδειξε η Γαλλική TV στα μέσα του 90. Είναι γνωστό το κόλημα των Γάλλων με άγνωστες φυλές αποικίες κλπ… τεσπα συνεχίζουμε
    Ανέβηκε στο Γιουτουμπ εδώ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cYC7ΒJ0Zc8 31Μαίου 2011 με περιγραφή στα Γαλλικά και τη δήλωση για τα πνευματικά δικαιώματα “Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. All rights reserved to the owners the same” την οποία κάποιοι φωστήρες του ιντερνετ και της γλώσσας την έκαναν “το βίντεο του 1976..
    έχει κριτικαριστεί ήδη το 1999 εδώ http://terrain.revues.org/2820 όπου στην παράγραφο “1950-1970 : beaucoup d’acier, quelques Européens et un peu de tok pisin pour les « Toulambis » λέει πόσες φόρες επιβεβαιωμένα επικοινώνησαν και ήρθαν σε επαφή ανάμεσα στο 1950-1970 δεκαετίες πριν τον μιστερ ανθρωπολόγο και σίγουρα δεκαετίες πριν τους ανακαλύψει το ελληνικό ιντερνετ
    πιθανότατα όπως και σε άλλα ντοκιμαντέρ οι ιθαγενείς πείστηκαν η πληρώθηκαν για να ακολουθήσουν τις οδηγίες και να κινηματογραφηθούν και οι Γάλλοι τους χάζεψαν πριν 15 χρόνια στην τηλεόρασή τους. Η πραγματική φυλή είχε εντοπιστεί από Αυστραλιανή περίπολο το 1929
    Αυτό βέβαια δεν αναιρεί την αγνότητα αυτών των ανθρώπων. Οι αντιδράσεις τους ΙΣΩΣ να ήταν σαν αυτές που δείχνει η κάμερα αλλά μάλλον 50-80 χρόνια νωρίτερα από τότε που γυρίστικε το βίντεο.
    Επίσης έχει λεχθεί οτι η φυλή που εμφανίζεται είναι τελικά η Ankave-Anga

    Εκτενής κριτική για την αυθεντικότητα εδώ http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/4840/is-the-tribe-meets-white-man-for-the-first-time-video-fake

    Δυστυχώς τα ελληνικά μπλόκ δεν δημιουργούν πια περιεχόμενο αναμασούν οτι πασάρεται

    • admin

      Το μόνο που αμφέβαλλα από την αρχή είναι η χρονολογία. Και εγώ είχα πιστέψει ότι το βίντεο είναι πιο πρόσφατο αλλά δεν μπορούσα να βρω ακριβείς πληροφορίες. Και στο μπλογκ που αναφέρεις δεν υπάρχει κάτι αξιόπιστο, ο καθένας λέει το δικό του. Οπότε έστω ότι αλλάζουμε την ημερομηνία και την κάνουμε 1996. Από εκεί και πέρα τι διαφορά υπάρχει? Η αμφισβήτηση σου αν το βίντεο είναι πραγματικό η στημένο πραγματικά δεν πείθει.

  • amir

    In 1976, the team explorer Jean-Pierre Dutilleaux first came into contact with the primitive tribe Toulambis (Papua, New Guinea), whose members had never come in contact with the outside world, and neither had seen humans white skin. The camera immortalized the fearful and full of curious reaction.

    • Mary-Lou

      This film is enchanting and makes my heart sing. I hope that this tribe or family benefited from this encounter and were not harmed in any way. Our outside world can be very unforgiving to the innocent newcomers.

      • sherylizz

        Makes your heart sing? In what way will these people benefit? This is just a display of arrogance, vanity and superiority. South-American Indians were killed almost to extinction when the Spanish introduced a simple cold to them. Leave these people in peace. Matches, mirrors, knives and rice. What the heck?

  • betsy

    What song is in the soundtrack?

    • Michael

      The first track is ‘Wishes of Happiness & Prosperity’ by Sacred Spirit


  • thanasis


  • ilias

    h alithia einai oti aftoi oi anthropoi pote den tha pirazan aftoys poy toys episkeftikan.o ipotithete politismenos kosmos omos thelei to kalitero gia aftoys.na toys kanei san kai emas politismenoys, filodoxoys antagonistikoys filoxrimatoys mateodoxoys me olo kai megaliteri anagi gia ilika agatha.na exalipsei oti agno exoyn ,na toys entaxei se ena sistima axion poy exipiretei to politismeno kosmo.ena sistima toso anthropokentriko oso kai o narkisos,poy den boroyse na dei pera apoti miti toy.pistevw oti apo aftoys toys gymnoys athropoys mono na mathoyme exoyme,oti kai na mathoyn afti apo mas einai san arostia.na mathoyme pano apo ola gia ti gimnia toys,giati den dreponte gia afti?mipos giati den exoyn na kripsoun tipota?mipos giati den einai synenoxei mas se afto poy o sixronos politismos exi dimioyrgisei?mipos giati einai paidia tis miteras fisis kai oxi agelioforoi toy skotadismoy kai ton prokatalipsewn? mipos ola afta kai alla polla akoma? mipos?

    • masterantre

      Συμφωνώ Ηλία, στο βίντεο αυτό οι βάρβαροι συναντούν τους πολιτισμένους, μόνο που το ποιοί είναι ποιοί δεν είναι ξεκάθαρο για όλους.

  • cesc

    Τι μια καταπληκτική ταινία. Ευχαριστούμε για να μας

  • Μάρα Λεβίδη

    Ίσως κλαις Έλλη γιατί σ’ αυτούς τους ανθρώπους οσονούπω, μετά από τα καθρεφτάκια και τα σπίρτα, θα έρθουν τα σουπερμάρκετ, το χρέος και εν τέλει, το ΔΝΤ!

    • cafeine

      εν μέρει σκεφτόμουν το ίδιο με το μαγνητόφωνο….αν τους το άφηνε …θα τελείωναν οι μπαταρίες κάποτε…και από αυτόνομοι θα γινόντουσαν ενεργειακά εξαρτημένοι…..μετά οικονομικά συνδεδεμένοι και πάει λέγοντας……

      απ’την άλλη να μην τα βλέπουμε όλα μαύρα…το βίντεο ήταν απίστευτο και αν μην τι άλλο είναι το καλύτερο κατά του ρατσισμού προς τους μαύρους….σαν μια ισορροπία…

  • elli


    • Elli (episis!)

      ki egw to idio epa8a!!!!synonomati!

  • Ευτυχία Ταπίνη

    Όταν βλέπει κάποιος κάτι τόσο διαφορετικό για πρώτη φορά στη ζωή του του κόβονται τα πόδια!!! Μπαίνει σε θέση μάχης και δε μοιράζει χαμόγελα ….. Όπως βλέπεις tasosdd με σένα συμφωνώ. Και κάτι ακόμα – ευλογημένε “μοντέρ”, δε βρήκες άλλη μουσική από των ερυθροδέρμων για να ξεκινήσεις ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Στη Νέα Γουϊνέα ;;;;;;;;;;;; Να πείς και ότι δεν φαίνονται τα αφρικανικά χαρακτηριστικά τους ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  • Dimitris

    To sikose omos gia kalo kai gia kako o protogonos to petrino tsekouri! 3:00 ..sou lei mia kinisi kai tha tou to ferw sto kefali!

  • tasosdd

    kalo doulema stous touristes erebnites kai apoti blepo oloi peripimenoi katharoi kai xtenismenoi , ti na po de boro na to pistepso.

  • Στιγμές τόσο σημαντικές και μοναδικές για την ιστορία του ανθρώπου, είχαν την δυνατότητα να καταγραφούν και να παρουσιάσουν σε εμάς, την απόσταση των ανθρώπινων πολιτισμών που κατοικούν στον ίδιο πλανήτη.
    Εκφράσεις, συμπεριφορές και στο τέλος η αποδοχή και η φιλία.
    Ένα βίντεο που αποκαλύπτει σε όλους μας το πρωτόγονο σε ταύτιση με το πρωτόγνωρο. Τέτοια βίντεο θα έπρεπε να είχα γίνει ευρύτερα γνωστά και οι δημιουργοί τους να είχα βραβευθεί.
    Είναι υπέροχο !!!

    • stef

      touta en ta video pou prepi na dimosieuonte ki na kikloforoun ki oi malakies tipou “ti forese o tade, ti ekane o tade” ktl… simfono apolita me auta p les.. apisteuto video.

  • Βασiλειος γεωργιου


  • stef. man

    Polly kalo

    • Babeth

      Although magic and beautiful to see first hand the way Spirit works. I am also sad to see the white man introducing our poison and killing item, such as white rice introduce to such a clean place…..Will we ever stop….

      • weiskron

        you are so RIGHT. The “civilized man” is offering them a huge knife? “civilized”? maybe. “wise”? not at all.

        • Anat

          I agree, so you going to stuff up another culture, cut down their forrest, starve them out, confuse them, and call it progress, i don’t think so.
          Leave them alone.

          • sherylizz

            sorry typo, should read: no we WON’T stop ever. It’s in our genes to corrupt and be superior. This was a totally disgusting display of arrogance and vanity.

      • sherylizz

        no we want stop ever. It’s in our genes to corrupt and be superior. This was a totally disgusting display of arrogance and vanity.

      • Alex

        Youre SO right! And , ironically, with their tehnology I dont think that they work 12 hours a day like we do with our “technology”, and that’s just is one of the examples how our “modern” society is really enslavement.

    • weiskron

      Η καμερα δεν αποθανατιζει αλλα απαθανατιζει… κατα τ αλλα υπεροχο

    • FlameBoy

      den ithela na trollaro se auto to video den einai alithino dite oli sto 13:24 o tipos forai fakous epafis!!!