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Stranger saves a man from a future accident

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Maybe this is the same person who came back from the future to save himself from the accident.

Les balles voyageuses téléportées dans l\’espace temps.

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​​​​Le commentaire des jurys de Prestimagique: \”Un numéro que l\’on a souhaité placer tout de même sur le podium en ​3​ème car même si la routine est très connue, ici, elle est bien exécutée et […]

Suspended between two sailboats

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A man suspended between two sailboats

You give a poor man a fish…

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Bantu Holomisa, deputy and former South African general, is struggling to put a proverb live on TV.

Man invades church to break objects (Brazil)

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Man invades church, breaks objects and is beaten by the faithful. It happened in Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará. After being rescued and taken to the police station, he paid bail and was released.

Dancing on the table (fail)

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A drunk man dancing on a table

Make fun of a guy with a handbag

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Don’t mess with a guy with a Man-Bag …. some guy told him that his bag looks like a woman’s purse, and he soon regretted it

Hell of a Week

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A man is pranked by his colleagues every day at work until…

The car ran away

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The incident occurred in the village Tonshalovo Cherepovets district. The man ran out of the car to the store, and returned he did not find his car. He told the police about the hijacking, but […]

Grooming a mans back hair into vest

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A Turkish barber, called Berat Polatoglu on Instagram, transformed a man’s back hair into a vest using his clippers.