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QuadSki: Dokonalý letné vozidla

QuadSki je obojživelné vozidlo na ceste ako ATV, Kým pri vode otočí nadobudne skúter. BMW ponúka 1.300cc motor, ktorý poskytuje 140 koní a maximálna rýchlosť dosahuje 70 km / h. QuadSki je vyrobený spoločnosťou Gibbs a stojí asi 30.000€.

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1 Comment

  1. Will Murray hovorí:

    Táto vec je sakra hovno. I rode one once and almost laughed. It is such a slow terrible performing quad, and an even worse PWC.

    Anything that tries to be everything is never great at any one thing.

    The suspension is short and the weight slows it down as a quad. The hull makes it have poor clearances.

    The wheels and suspension add so much weight as a quad it is a snore to ride on the water. Tops out at 50mph and is sluggish to turn.

    If you simply need a machine that can do both go for it. But for a truly fun experience use the money saved from not buying one of these stupid clunkers and buy 2 real quads and 2 real PWC’s