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Will you help me;

(27) | 11/10/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A chimpanzee helps a man to climb a wooden terrace.

Human roulette on Oktoberfest 2019

(7) | 05/10/2019 | 1 Comment | Shares: 3

Every year during the festival Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, the game is played “human roulette” or “Wheel Devil” as called. It is a rotating circular platform on which many people climb […]

The forger

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as a teenager, the Adolfo Kaminsky lived French occupation by the Nazis, and thousands of forged documents to help Jews escape the raids. After the 2nd World War, continued […]

Boris Johnson greets everyone except two people

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Boris Johnson was tough Cretan many British and not only, when after his speech at the Conservative Party Conference seems to greet all the people who were in front but two black men.

Meat eater wants to eat his burger

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During activists protest against meat consumption in Denmark, a group of people standing in front of the door of a Restaurant McDonalds blocking the entrance. But a hungry man will pass pushing. Then will their […]

A military Hummer passes through the flood

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On September 19, 2019 and after the flooding from tropical storm Imelda in Houston, soldiers in a hummer driving through deep water searching for people who need help.

The difference between Europe and America

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The reaction of two people from the UK and the US who listen to the song “Paper Planes” MIA's first.

Man vs. Bull

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While a bull is released in a street in Mexico, a man trying to provoke. While running to avoid, will fall on his head on a pole.

What two robotic cleaners do when people are asleep;

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Every day at 3 am, Both robots Roomba's Philip Bloom cleanse the ground floor of the house, but this evening evening something strange happened. When Philip awoke in the morning, found the […]

Countdown with a human timer (China)

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A stage at the University of Economics of Guizhou in China, over 600 soldiers do countdown with a synchronized choreography.

Their vision is based on movement

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Leaving their home in the city of Pasadena, California, two elderly people will not watch a bear lying just outside the door. The bear remains motionless until the two people to leave. Do not […]

Marino Morikawa: The man who cleaned a lake all by himself

(27) | 15/09/2019 | 1 Comment | Shares: 48

The Peruvian-Japanese scientist Marino Morikawa put aim to clean the lake Cascajo in Peru where he grew. With the help of nanotechnology and using a special powder that invented himself, managed […]

Truck lands on the roof of a house

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Monday 9 September 2019, a truck jumped into a ditch before take off and land with the trailer on the roof of a house in Alban, in Ontario, Canada. The Guide, the passenger […]

A dog is more careful than a man at an intersection

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Saturday September 7 2019 in Taicang China, a car hit a pedestrian who was crossing an intersection. At the same time in opposite sidewalk, a puppy stops in passing near the accident. carefully waiting […]

A duck dies laughing

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A duck on a street in Vietnam and screaming sounds like the laughter of a man.