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Special forces of the Russian police in action

(16) | 18/05/2019 | 3 Comments | Shares: 34

A unit of special forces police in Russia, trying to stalk and capture the occupants of a car. Then begins a hilarious chase between police and the fugitives.

A car falls into river as it exits the garage

(6) | 14/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A car seems to have a brake problem as it exits the back of a garage in Tambov Russia. The woman in the vehicle panic not knowing how to react, […]

Vladimir Putin slips on the ice

(2) | 14/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

On Friday, May 10, 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin played a hockey game in Sochi Russia. Though, as did a victory lap after the game, stumbled across a red carpet in […]

Bentley Ultratank: a luxury tank from Russia

(7) | 11/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Engineers from Russian AcademeG channel tracks placed on a Bentley Continental GT, constructing a very impressive all-terrain vehicle.

Fire beneath the nest of a stork

(3) | 08/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A fire develops in a valley below the nest of a stork, located on an electricity pylon near Tambovka Russia. Every year burned several stork nests, and eggs […]

Transfer an injured person with a horse

(8) | 25/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 7

During a rescue demonstration in Russia, a team of rescuers show us how to transport an injured person on a stretcher using a horse. Unfortunately, The demonstration does not go as planned. The […]

Help a swan tangled in fishing line

(8) | 23/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Kuban in Russia, Fishermen find a swan in a lake has been entangled in a fishing line. After help, They would take him ashore to rest apparently exhausted. After some time, the […]

Your first time by plane;

(6) | 16/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A man in Russia traveling by plane for the first time, comes with his bag in the luggage screening machine.

Coins with traps and hidden mechanisms

(11) | 15/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 3

The artist Roman Booteen from Russia uses coins to create complex works of art. The carves by hand by placing tiny hidden mechanisms.

A children's train in Russia

(12) | 14/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 2

City Omsk Russia, a small train for children passing through a park playing loud metal piece “You have” the Rammstein.

How many crazy people you can meet in the Russian metro;

(10) | 13/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 11

A woman in St. Petersburg, Russia, pulls in videos a strange man sitting opposite her in the subway. A second psychopath will suddenly appear in the wagon.

When your day is not going well…

(11) | 07/04/2019 | 1 Comment | Shares: 0

…You think that you could find yourself in the position of this unfortunate woman in Russia, which voluntarily came from the public in order to participate in the performance of a circus.

The tiny bikes

(8) | 05/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 3

A man in Russia do ride some very small bicycles.

Russian roads simulator

(4) | 01/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A funny montage of accidents in videogame “Euro Truck Simulator 2” and sounds from real accidents in Russia. Suka Bliat!

Russian armored vehicle drifts

(4) | 30/03/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 8

Driving an armored vehicle BTR-60, a Russian soldier does drift into a dirt road and ends up in the trees.