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Camera on the rotor of a helicopter in slow motion

(5) | 20/06/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A camera mounted on the rotor of a BO-105 helicopter, records the rotation of the blade in slow motion (The shooting 240fps slowed to 30fps).

The evil laugh

(23) | 17/06/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 14

in Azerbaijan, a father asks the little son laugh evil on camera. The fake laughter small is very funny.

Upside down dog

(7) | 14/06/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

The Brandi, a female boxer, sitting lying upside down and trying to talk to the camera.

The Russian icebreaker Yamal on shots from a drone

(11) | 14/06/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 1

A DJI Inspire 2 drone equipped with a camera Zenmuse X7 filming the Russian nuclear icebreaker Yamal traveling in the Arctic Ocean. Recognizable by mouth shark, this huge ship 150 meters long […]

Change the shot!

(10) | 04/06/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 3

During a live report on dog training center Centro Canino DeMontegatto in Galicia, Spain, a German shepherd dog will bite the leg of a teacher who wants to show the game with dogs. […]

Brake problem at a parking (Russia)

(3) | 31/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

In the Russian city of Voronezh, a security camera records an odd accident. In an exit of a parking, a woman swept away downhill without being able to stop. Leaving the exit, falls over another […]

Scratching with key on a car recorded by the cameras of a Tesla

(5) | 15/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

In a parking lot in Sacramento, California, a Tesla Model 3 records two suspicious men in Sentry mode, that activates the car's cameras. The two men approaching their car parked […]

drunken sailors

(6) | 13/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 1

During a stop of the ship, two sailors walking on the road after drinking a few beers. One of the two men looking into the camera without seeing that directed to a pole.

Camera on a track

(3) | 12/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Footage from a camera placed on the track of an agricultural machine.

Bully in the gym will get a good lesson

(19) | 08/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 14

A bully China into the gym puts a slender male who accidentally stumbled on it while exercised. The videos from security cameras showing the first man to intimidate him with slaps […]

Inside the dishwasher

(12) | 26/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Video with a GoPro Hero 7 camera that was placed inside a dishwasher, while in operation.

Exciting ride with a kart

(6) | 22/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

The impressive speed during a kart race in Italy, with a camera on the vehicle. The race starts at 1:55.

Armed robber enters the wrong house

(12) | 10/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 1

On Sunday February 17, 2019 in Idaho Falls in the United States, A gunman tried to rob a house, but came face to face with the owner of, Caspian Shamel, who attacked immediately. […]

Video in slow motion with a rotating camera

(6) | 06/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Beautiful shots in slow motion, shot with a camera that rotates 360 degrees at high speed.

A drone with a mounted Kalashnikov, to chase the offender crafts

(6) | 04/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 1

A team of Russian engineers built this specially shaped drone, to experiment on whether it can work the idea of “drone police”. The flying boat is fitted with a Kalashnikov rifle, and operator […]