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Driver with quick reflexes

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On the highway I-87 in Kingston New York, the driver of a Porsche 911 GT3 avoid last minute a truck lost control. The driver of the truck was coming at high speed and did not have […]


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EROTOKRITOS ERMINEFMENOS ARTISTS FROM 77 TO 40 POINTS OF ATTICA 77 artists, 40 different parts of Attica and a masterpiece of Greek literature, compose the canvas of the action and the creation of "alternative» video "play […]

The automatic watering is activated during tennis match (Wimbledon)

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On Friday, July 5, 2019, the irrigation system was activated during a match for the Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament, konontas a quick shower players Artem Sitak and Laura Siegemund. The […]

How quickly prepare the table

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Tianshui city in China, a hotel employee demonstrates a technique that quickly prepares the table. Puts a glass dish and on it the dishes. Then, quickly turning the glass disc […]

motorized goalkeeper

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In an amateur football match in Brazil, a goalkeeper has been pushed in the box to run a corner. Then he uses a machine to return quickly to the end of.

Shopkeeper stops thief by throwing a chair at him

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On Wednesday June 19, 2019 in Tel Aviv Israel, the owner of the cafeteria Waycup Coffee saw a thief who had just grab a mobile phone, trying to escape. With quick reflexes, threw away […]

Easy way to peel a garlic

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A woman shows a technique whereby peeling garlic quickly and easily. Simply pierce with a knife cloves and pull to go.

Trick with playing cards on a cat

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In a table, a man performs a trick with playing cards in front of a cat. Pretending to throw a playing card, but a one quick motion hides in his hand before the fly. The cat looks […]

The gluttonous dog ​​and the bowl against gluttony

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The Sid, a dog bull terrier, first tries to eat from a bowl against gluttony. The bowls are designed specifically to prevent the dog eats too fast. The Sid […]

How is a pedestrian traffic light in the Philippines

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In a street in the Philippines we see once illuminates the pedestrian traffic light. The green little man indicates to pedestrians that will have to run fast – something very funny if we observe that green runs […]

The hero of pizzeria

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In a pizzeria in California, an employee with quick reflexes will save a pizza that just came out of the oven, before falling to the floor.

The fastest predator in the animal kingdom

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The striped monkfish (Antennarius striatus) can bite its prey in just 1/6000 of a second.

Manuel Schütz training at fast boomerang throwing

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In a football stadium in Penthalaz Switzerland, by Manuel Schütz trained in fast flight and grip the boomerang. The exercise consists of projecting and grasping the Boomerang 5 times in minimal […]

Packing a folding bike

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In a factory in China, a man packs a folding bicycle in a plastic bag. To do it fast, fills the air bag and throws skillfully on the bike. The […]

Sloth wants to thank a man

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A man in Brazil will help a sloth to quickly pass the dangerous road and get onto the trunk of a tree. At the end of, the sloth seems like it says “Thanks” the movements of.