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Designing Tesla CyberTruck in 1 minute

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The CG Geek uses Blender software to show us how fast one can design the new van CyberTruck of Tesla.

Policeman is punched and frees trained dog

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On Sunday, November 24, 2019 in Newburgh, New York, a 31 year old man armed with a knife threatened a city resident and his family. A police quickly arrived on the scene but was […]

The rotation speed of the planets in the solar system

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The researcher James O'Donoghue made a video comparing the rotational speeds of the planets in our solar system. Jupiter rotates 2,4 times faster than the Earth, while Venus and Uranus rotate […]

Rescue of a Koala from the flames

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While driving through the burning forest Port Macquarie in Australia, a woman saw a koala surrounded by flames. Then he rushed to the rescue wrapping it with her shirt. The koala moved […]

Cat rescues a baby before falling down stairs

(23) | 08/11/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 44

On October 31 in Bogota, Colombia, a boy one year crawling out of the crib, when he began to be directed towards the door leading to steep steps. As he watched the, the Siamese cat […]

A whale plays ball with a man

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A beluga whale playing ball with the passenger of a boat traveling in the icy waters of the South Pole. When the man throws the ball in sea, the whale swims quickly to recover by […]

The funniest pedestrian traffic light

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Irapuato in Mexico City, someone met the funniest pedestrian traffic light we've seen. The lantern lights up green for pedestrians after 99 seconds, It takes just two seconds, and the little man in green […]

Two dogs trying to wake their owner

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Two dogs, Max and Murphy see their boss MF collapse to the ground and trying to quickly find a solution to help. Murphy had the idea of ​​doing […]

Quick door repair

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A quick way to repair a door that has petsikarei.

How to upgrade iPhone 10 to iPhone 11 Pro

(10) | 20/10/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 6

A quick method to upgrade to iPhone 10 iPhone 11 Pro to cost $ 2. You can find “accessory” here.

Speed ​​of light: fast, but not so much

(10) | 05/10/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 4

The James O'Donoghue, scientist in the space agency JAXA Japan, created this video to show us the speed of light compared to the distances in the Solar System. it's fast; By definition […]

The quickest way to dismantling your car

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With a fairly strong woofer, You can easily dismantle your car without the use of tools.

A quick breakfast with eggs

(17) | 22/09/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 8

Our Jonathan Melikidse shows that making a quick sandwich for breakfast, with eggs, spinach, mozzarella and bacon.

Back to school: a social message for the armed attacks on US schools

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The NGO Sandy Hook Promise created a different ad for school supplies. The video starts like any other advertising school supplies, but the style is changing fast, when we understand that the school carried out an armed attack. […]

I would also like to dance in front of the camera!

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A girl will want to take a quick look at the camera while her friends dance in front of. Get up raising her hands, but it will not notice the ceiling fan that rotates […]