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What; Who;

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Funny prank with a bucket in the supermarket.

He made a prank on the day of his funeral

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During a funeral in Dublin, Ireland, He heard a bagpipe and a voice coming out of the coffin. It was the voice of Shay, the deceased, who had pre-recorded a funny message for […]

David Hasselhoff stars in a funny German commercial

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The actor David Hasselhoff who we all know from the series “Knight Rider”, He takes over the role of “Knight asphalt” in this funny ad for a car sales website. This time, instead […]

The prank with the coffee

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The hotel Slaley Hall Hotel Hexham in England, Raymond goes to the bar to get a coffee and returns to the table. Pretending that he stumbles, It will make a very funny joke to his friend […]

Karaoke on America's Got Talent

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Comedian Andy Rowell we had seen in an earlier video singing the song “Tequila” a karaoke, chose to appear on the show America's Got Talent with the same joke.

The funny mating of the Great Crested Grebe

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Fun pairing of Great Crested Grebe, a species of waterfowl belonging to the family Podicipedidae, a lake in the province of Santa Cruz Argentina. The pair seems to be something like dancing tango on the water surface.

Toilet costume for Halloween

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A funny outfit that built a man for Halloween, United States Minnesota.

Children always tell the truth

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In Palm Bay, Florida, a security camera records a funny dialogue between a father and his daughter. As they left the house, the little girl tells her dad that loves. The […]

Avengers assemble!

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A group of friends created a very funny video based on the famous movie scene “Avengers”, where avengers lined up in a row one after the other.

Baby crocodiles make strange sounds

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In Dragonwood Wildlife Conservancy Foundation in Florida United States, Cuba young crocodiles lying in a pool of water earn funny cries when they see their caregiver Brad. Their cries resemble gun sounds […]

Two ducks conquer a dog

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Two ducks parade to the sound of a trumpet and conquer a dog sitting lying on ground. A funny doodle directed by Jimmy Something. The source of the video:

A cat in Avengers: Endgame

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With a funny montage, OwlKitty the cat was placed at the scene of the final battle of the film “Avengers: Endgame”.

The Gunslinger

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In the tradition of classic Westerns, a narrator describes the story of a solitary Gunslinger who walks into a saloon. However, people in this saloon can hear the words of the Narrator, who… […]

Vassilis Leventis on piano

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The musician Stephen Daniilidis, sets to music with a very funny way piano Old classic speech Vasilis Leventis Canal 67.

Football is a difficult sport

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A funny snapshot of female football hall.