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Dog tasting a lemon

(11) | 17/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

The funny scene where a small ntaschaount first testing a lemon.

Hero dog saves another dog

(6) | 14/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 1

The scene took place on February 4, 2019 in Gaspé, Quebec. By reversing, a woman saw a small chihuahua behind her car. Could tread, but fortunately […]

Singer has a problem with the playback

(7) | 13/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

During the initiation of a Lan Party in Charleroi, Belgium, a singer will face a problem with the CD as singing “live” in the tent.

Undercover policewoman pretends to be a pedestrian to trap drivers

(13) | 10/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

On March 24, 2019 in Burlington City, New Jersey, a driver received a call from the police because they did not stop at pedestrian crossing. Puzzled about why he accepted the call, he saw little […]

The best werewolf transformation scene

(18) | 09/04/2019 | 3 Comments | Shares: 0

An excellent detail and cinematic art transformants scene of a man in werewolf, from the Thai movie Werewolf 1987.

Mike Tyson vs Steven Seagal in a funny duel

(6) | 07/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Mike Tyson and Steven Seagal duel in a quite funny scene from the movie China Salesman (2017).

Ant-Man vs Thanos

(6) | 30/03/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

The release of the film “Endmame” the Avengers expected in a month (April 24, 2019), but a scene of the film leaked. now we know dies Thanos and who will kill him. This is of course […]

Comparison between the actual concert Live Aid and the film “Bohemian Rhapsody”

(7) | 27/03/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A video comparing the appearance of Queen in concert Live Aid 1985 synchronized with the corresponding scene from the movie Bohemian Rhapsody 2018.

In the shooting of a love scene

(7) | 23/03/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 4

The funny moments during the filming of erotic scene in a movie, where the camera should record footage from a particular perspective.

Watch where you are going!

(4) | 11/03/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

In The United States, a guide rather than just hitting a cyclist trying to turn right. Watching the scene, A second cyclist below recommends the motorist to watch more. But immediately after, he will […]

A woman collides with 4 cars as she exits from parking

(5) | 08/03/2019 | 1 Comment | Shares: 0

As he tried to pull her car from a parking space in the United States Arkansas, a woman made losses in four cars and fled the scene.

A dog is moved while watching the “The Lion King”

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Luna, a 4 year old pit bull puppy, sitting in front of the TV while her owner is watching “The Lion King” on TV. The dog suddenly stopped playing with his toys and stood […]

Norwegian police do sled with their shields

(10) | 17/02/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Police in riot units in Norway slip on a snowy slope, using their shields as a sleds. The scene recorded themselves in Trondheim and then posted on Facebook by typing: “The daily […]

Fan tries to steal the shirt that was intended for a young child

(10) | 11/02/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

The player of Bayern Munich, Joshua Kimmich, approaching a young follower of the group to fly a jersey, but a man is coming fast from behind and grabs. The other spectators who were close […]

A man leaves his dog on the street

(11) | 09/02/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

On February 6, 2019 in Bakersfield, California, a man was recorded on video by a driver as it leaves their dog in a distant point. The dog tries to get back in every way […]