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36 westerns synchronized to the first gunshot

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36 classic westerns, which is synchronized to the sound of the first gunshot.

All the films that have been awarded the Oscar for best visual effects (1929 – 2019)

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This year close to 90 years since the first Oscars awards 1929. In that 13 minutes montage, we see scenes of all the films that have been awarded in chronological order from 1929 to […]

The Jane Zhang sings the opera the "Fifth Element"

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The singer Jane Zhang from China, sings wonderful song diva Pavalaguna from the film "The Fifth Element". A song too difficult to interpret live, after the film's composer had used the […]

Excellent scenario porvo movie

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Definitely worth the Oscar for best screenplay…

The penguin Indiana Jones

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A penguin that has been removed from the herd, running to save when you break a large block of ice.

Armored truck robbery with two excavators

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Like scenario of film resembled robbery organized a bandit group in Bari, Italy in the morning Wednesday 2 January. Using two excavators, They stopped an armored truck in service, and opened as paper […]

Putting music on the Matrix movie, in real-time

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Canadian drummer Tom Grosset, He puts his own music in a movie scene “Matrix” using an electronic drum kit and three MIDI controllers. The execution took place in real time.

When hire Michael Bay for the school celebration

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In a kindergarten in Kazakhstan, the organizers of the Christmas celebration had the idea to fire up some big open space fireworks in a closed room. The scenes that followed reminded of the movie Michael Bay…

Bilby: animation short length of DreamWorks

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The Adventures of Bilbao and a small bird, as they threatened daily by countless predators in the heart of Australia. The “Bilby” It is a short film of DreamWorks animated, which was directed by Liron Topaz, […]

How the scene created the “sushi” a stop-motion

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A video from the movie "The Island of the dogs" (Isle of Dogs), where we see how they filmed one of the most famous scenes.

Ο Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is again found “Home Alone”

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In a new Google ad for Google Assistant device, the Macaulay Culkin represents some scenes from the famous film “Alone at home” as Kevin McCallister.

Wire laser sound

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A workman beats a stretched wire, and the sound that puts much like a laser gun in science fiction.

The best ending ever in a film

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Always be useful a bazooka under the sleeve

Movies encounter painting

(3) | 30/11/2018 | 0 comments | Shares: 16

Film scenes inspired by famous paintings, in a very nice collection from Vugar Efendi.

The “Lion King” on a remake from Disney (trailer)

(6) | 23/11/2018 | 0 comments | Shares: 1

Yesterday was published by Disney the first trailer, the upcoming remake of the classic animated film “Lion King” 1994. The film is made with photo-realistic three-dimensional animation and will premiere in summer […]