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David Hasselhoff stars in a funny German commercial

(8) | 12/10/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

The actor David Hasselhoff who we all know from the series “Knight Rider”, He takes over the role of “Knight asphalt” in this funny ad for a car sales website. This time, instead […]

Inside a dragster

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A camera inside a dragster car shows us the impressive acceleration. The video is from the game Fall Nationals in South Carolina, where Kris Thorne makes 400 meters […]

Too Fast Too Furious

(10) | 09/10/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 3

A little girl goes down a slope at high speed, in a child car plastic. Along the way, will drag on a bit unlucky cat that was on the way.

The first autonomous car in Russia

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Three men in Russia do our first show of the Russian autonomous car. While drinking vodka and eating in the back, car drives alone.

Driver falls asleep at the wheel

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While the passenger sleeping beside him, an elderly would fall asleep while driving his car on a freeway in the United States. The vehicle leaves the road, wakes suddenly the passenger and driver, […]

Russian accept racist attack by three women in Cyprus

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Russian girl who hails from St. Petersburg, and lives permanently in Limassol over the past 20 years spent by a parking lot and saw a red car hits a white. The red car attempted to flee […]

Careless motorcyclist collides with car

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On a street of Russia, a motorcyclist is trying to overtake a bus while coming from the right at high speed. But I will not notice a car that was left of the bus and collided in […]

Driver gets out of a very narrow parking

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a guide “artist” It comes from a very narrow parking space where the closed two other cars.

Transporting the bride with a rally car (fail)

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A bride comes in a Ford Escort RS Cosworth car for transportation to church. before you begin, the driver seems to be saying that the area on the route is not necessary. What could […]

The quickest way to dismantling your car

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With a fairly strong woofer, You can easily dismantle your car without the use of tools.

Vehicle out of control on the runway of an airport

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On Monday September 30, 2019 in Chicago, a maintenance vehicle at O'Hare International Airport went out of control due to a Box with bottles of water that fell on the accelerator pedal. The electric car began […]

Armed police stop suspicious car after chase (London)

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This is the end of an episodic tracking 16 km to London, with police to arrest four teens passengers. The driver of the car did not stop for a police control signal, as the car seemed […]

Drunk driver causes an accident at 160 km / h

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On a highway in Leningrad Russia, a drunk driver traveling at 160 km / hour and trying to get in the left lane. In his attempt, will hit the car which was recording video and will lose […]

This vehicle manually using flash

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in Paraguay, a car without lights on the back is forced to use manual flash.

large truck driver tries to turn in a narrow street

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On September 12 in Jackson Heights, New York, the driver of a large truck 16 meters long trying to make an illegal left turn in a narrow street. The truck hit the back […]