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Accident during meditation

(8) | 21/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A very funny surreal scene, with a man meditating with kung-fu and a passing woman with two dogs in.

Police dog against suspicious man at airport

(21) | 14/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 84

In an airport, a police dog detects a suspicious man in checked luggage. The dog barks to warn that the traveler has something in his luggage, but the police did not find anything. A […]

Dog looking for the perfect jump before getting on the couch

(5) | 11/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A dog prepares several times before doing jumping on the couch.

Wild cat attacks dog

(8) | 08/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 1

A kitten and a Rottweiler playing friends to a really cute video.

A woman opens her new Louis Vuitton bag

(11) | 04/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 1

A woman opens forward to new and expensive Louis Vuitton bag, documenting the experience on video. But the little dog would spoil the presentation…

Dog against water hose

(3) | 01/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A dog waits with impatience to get water from a hose.

The dog avenges his owner

(9) | 26/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Indiana United States, a man hits the ring from the box of beer, knowing that the dog's upset with this sound. The Belgian Malinois will reach its limits, and […]

Cat fights against five stray dogs

(12) | 25/04/2019 | 1 Comment | Shares: 16

A cat in Turkey faces a group of five stray dogs that pass close to the road. The dogs would approach her and begin to bark, but the cat will attack without hesitation […]

The trained ram

(24) | 25/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 1

Leonidas Moutakis from Crete, student education Academy animals Pets Pro Academy, He made an original thesis. He undertook to educate Bakagioko, a ram one year, to obey orders like a dog.

The dog who caught its tail

(9) | 24/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

After a long chase, this dog has finally managed to catch the tail. Having thoroughly gripping its prey with the mouth, transfers it carefully so as not to leave.

The reaction of a dog in front of a closed pet shop

(8) | 22/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Although this pet shop is closed, Samo the dog refuses to leave the entrance.

The guardian cats

(10) | 20/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

The fearless cats in a house never leave the frisky neighbor dog enters the garden. Whenever the dog nears, brave cat to stop.

A dog is playing hide and seek with his owner

(5) | 20/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

This dog is a master at hide and seek. Escapes the gaze of his boss, leaning with his back against a cupboard.

When you think you are safe behind a fence

(5) | 18/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

The neighbor's dog has another view.

Dog tasting a lemon

(12) | 17/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

The funny scene where a small ntaschaount first testing a lemon.