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dog training – Athena

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dog training with positive stimulation, agreeably, efficiently. The best trainer for your dog is you!

A dog eats the peel of a carrot

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A dog makes a great effort to catch and eat the peel of a carrot to clean the garbage of the kitchen.

The lifeguard dog

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A dog leaves the owner with a baby getting deeper pool, and pulls out.

Beware of parrot

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A parrot guard barks with three other dogs back from the entrance of a house. Beware biting!

Dog playing in a wheat field

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In the town of Chelmsford, England, Frank plays the dog leaping and chasing rabbits in a field of wheat.

Dog imitates his photos

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The Komari, a Shiba Inu dog, You can mimic a photograph facing a mobile phone. His boss, shows a picture on the mobile and he takes the same attitude. Spoiler: We […]

When you want to measure a dog and a cat

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In Japan, the user instagram halu4809 counts the Halu the dog and the cat Mugi with a tape measure. The dog will sit prude, but when the turn come the cat […]

A dog playing in the fountain

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In a square in the city of Stockton-on-Tees, England, a dog fun playing with water from a fountain. Once reclosable the stream of water from the soil, the dog runs to catch it with his mouth […]

Upside down dog

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The Brandi, a female boxer, sitting lying upside down and trying to talk to the camera.

The gluttonous dog ​​and the bowl against gluttony

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The Sid, a dog bull terrier, first tries to eat from a bowl against gluttony. The bowls are designed specifically to prevent the dog eats too fast. The Sid […]

The dog found the softest bed

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On a farm, a puppy found a softer mattress to lie, on the back of a duck. Why sleep in the dust when you can lie down in;

You scared my puppies;

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A labrador mom rushes to defend her puppies, They too scared by the barking of another dog.

Dog reaches a ferry swimming

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by Dennis, a golden retriever, He is known for his habit of approaching a tourist boat swim in a fjord in Norway, to retrieve a bag of chocolates throwing water a member […]

The dog does not understand the bubbles in his water

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A German shepherd drinking water in an automatic water dispenser for pets. Whenever drinking, the water tank taking bubbles. Every time the dog stopped drinking to observe this strange […]

When the dog learns that he will go for a walk

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The funny reaction of a dog when he realizes that going to go ride. It will say happiness!