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Dutch firefighters on an emergency call for a fire

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The path of a fire truck in the streets of Rotterdam, before coming to an urgent call for fire in an apartment. Firefighters closed the siren just before getting to the point as it warned that the fire […]

In this road, they park as they want

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A man from Argentina, grumbled about careless drivers parking in a street. horizontal, vertically, upside down…

Armed robber enters the wrong house

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On Sunday February 17, 2019 in Idaho Falls in the United States, A gunman tried to rob a house, but came face to face with the owner of, Caspian Shamel, who attacked immediately. […]

Undercover policewoman pretends to be a pedestrian to trap drivers

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On March 24, 2019 in Burlington City, New Jersey, a driver received a call from the police because they did not stop at pedestrian crossing. Puzzled about why he accepted the call, he saw little […]

Truck creates a rainbow

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In a Chinese street, a truck spraying water with the aim of cleaning air from polluting particles. In its path, a rainbow formed.

Mesta Fusion – the modern speed radar

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The EUR 4 traffic radar measures Mesta Fusion 2 began operating in 2016 in Dubai and experimentally settled in Strasbourg and Marseille France. This year will settle more than 400 such […]

Great ride on a tractor tire

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A young man rolling on a downhill road in a hose from tractor. What can go wrong;

Russian roads simulator

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A funny montage of accidents in videogame “Euro Truck Simulator 2” and sounds from real accidents in Russia. Suka Bliat!

Russian armored vehicle drifts

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Driving an armored vehicle BTR-60, a Russian soldier does drift into a dirt road and ends up in the trees.

Facial recognition panel displays information about your flight (China)

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A digital panels in China airport uses face recognition system to help passengers find their flight and the road to the right gate.

race in the classroom

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Students animate their imagination to organize a thrilling car race in the classroom. A video of the Games Effect channel in Hong Kong.

A tram for bumpy roads

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In the city of Taganrog Russia, The tram rails are broken at one point of the route where there is a large puddle. Someone seems to have dealt with the problem, but very rough way.

Lower your window!

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A man in Russia will come out of his car in order to kavgadisei with a guide of the closed road. For bad luck, the car was filled with men of the special forces […]

Strong winds overturn a truck

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On Wednesday, March 13, 2019, a truck overturned by a strong gust of wind on a street in Amarillo, Texas. The area recorded gusts up to 120 km / h.

Bisons in the snow

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In Yellowstone Park in the United States, a bison trying to pave the way through the snow. Two others followed the path of.