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Help a swan tangled in fishing line

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Kuban in Russia, Fishermen find a swan in a lake has been entangled in a fishing line. After help, They would take him ashore to rest apparently exhausted. After some time, the […]

An excellent idea to help people in need

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Thousands of tonnes of counterfeit clothing seized and destroyed every year in Britain. The church HIS province of Lincolnshire, She had the idea to sew another logo on these clothes and donate […]

Rescue of a small white shark

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Saturday, March 23, 2019, a group of surfers rescued a young shark that had gklovistei the rocks of the coast Victoria, in South Africa. With the help of several lifeguards, first they tried to throw him […]

Removing the metal from a can of Coca-Cola

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With the help of hydrochloric acid, able to remove metal from a can of Coca-Cola or other beverage, revealing that between aluminum and the beverage is a thin layer of plastic.

math teacher makes a joke for April Fools (2019)

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1 April, ο Matthew Weathers, professor of mathematics at Biola University in La Mirada, California, make a joke to students with the help of a projector. The teacher will have some problems with […]

Rescue of two leopards that fell into a well

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These two male leopards fell into a 15 meter deep well as quarrel between them. The incident occurred near the village of Maharashtra India, Friday morning March 8. Their voices heard […]

group accident

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Two people trying to help someone who slipped in the snow, but will also have the same fate.

Hawk attacking daw – other birds come for help

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a hawk (namely alec) He has caught in the clutches of a jackdaw, in a London sidewalk. As the hawk tries to kill daw, They will arrive two magpies and a crow and will attempt to […]

Surfers attacked by dog

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Last month, Gustavo made a Cervino surfing with a kite near Punta Rasa beach in San Clemente del Tuyú Argentina, when he was attacked by pit bull. The dog was in the sand when he saw […]

A man trapped in flood…

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Wednesday night, heavy rains caused major flooding near the Israeli Jerusalem. A man seems to be trapped by the flood on the car roof, before arriving firefighters […]

Woman trying to climb onto an elephant

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A woman trying to climb on an elephant's back. The elephant will give her a little help…

People trying to rescue an elephant trapped in a channel

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In Sri Lanka, an elephant trapped in a channel and it seems impossible to be able to come. But local residents are inventive and manage to help, constructing a makeshift ladder.

Technique to release a car from the snow

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The passengers of a car have a very special technique to peel off their vehicle in snow. Moving rhythmically back and forth in their seats in the hope that such synchronized movements will help […]

Dogs run for help when their owner suffers from stroke

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In St City. Augustine, Florida, a security camera recording the moment when two dogs run to bring help when their landlady has a stroke. The dogs ran in the house of a neighbor, that […]

Magnetic fields in slow motion

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On a makeshift trampoline, placed sand magnetite and thrown over it a magnet. With the help of slow motion, we can observe the magnetic field formed around the magnet.