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Drunk Russian is the Matrix

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Drunk Russian in a supermarket, trying to dodge bullets like Neo in the Matrix world.

The biggest airplane in the world takes off for the first time

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This is the Stratolaunch, the most biggest airplane in the world, which made its maiden flight on April 13, 2019. The Stratolaunch is designed for firing rockets into space from a height of 11.000 measures […]

Mass with metal music

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The priest Haka Kekäläinen as many people in Finland, He loves Heavy Metal. So, when he became a priest thought to interpret religious hymns with music metal during operation. While the approach […]

The 10 most populous cities in the world (1500-2018)

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The ranking of the 10 most populous cities in the world from 1500 to 2018. A video made by John Burn-Murdoch.

The first appearance of Aston Martin Valkyrie

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The world's fastest production car completed. It has the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in history and develops a total of 1160 horsepower for just 1000 kg weight. The Red Bull participated in the car.

The rarest penguin in the world

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A very unusual mutation makes some of emperor penguins to be born with black feathers all over their body, which makes them more visible to predators. But one of them has survived up […]


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They all feel sometimes lonely. Loneliness was a very important for the survival of our ancestors, while in the modern world we live in we experience more and more. Why do we feel lonely and what we can […]

Size comparison in the world of Star Wars

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An interesting comparison of the size of objects and creatures in the universe of Star Wars, a three-dimensional animation.

The elusive shots in table tennis

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The player ping pong Adam Bobrow performs particularly effective shots against various opponents from’ all over the world. Having called this technique “Snake”, puts many discordant to the ball and confuse the enemy hiding direction […]

Citipati: The end of the world

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A dinosaur is the last moments of his life, as the inhospitable planet on which he lives is going to collide with a large meteorite. The “Citipati” It is a short animation of Andreas Feix, from […]

The floating farms of Bangladesh

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Bangladesh hosts the largest deltas in the world and is prone to frequent floods. Farmers here using an ancient technique of construction of floating fields, simply rise and fall with the level of […]

The frozen Lake Baikal from above

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The Baikal Lake is located in southern Siberia near the city of Irkutsk. It is known as the "Blue Eye of Siberia". The Baikal is the deepest and oldest lake in the world, as well as […]

Man jumping from the 11th floor of a cruise ship

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The 27 year old Nick and his friends were traveling on a cruise ship Symphony of the Seas, the largest in the world krouazeiroploio. Eventually the man had the idea to jump from the 11th floor of the ship […]

statues sized Comparison

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Compare the size of some famous statues in the world, including statues destroyed.

Network game with real RC vehicles

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This is the Isotopium Chernobyl, an online game in the real world, where players control small remote-controlled cars in a scale model of Chernobyl 210 square meters. Players should look for isotopes, while exploring […]