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Aesop's fables – The fox and the stork

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Η διαχρονική αυτή συλλογή περιλαμβάνει 30 υπέροχους μύθους του Αισώπου. Read the story of the lion befriends a mouse, the story of the cunning fox, find out what happened to the foolish raven and the wolf […]

The 3D house printer began to build an entire neighborhood

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The three-dimensional printer Vulcan 2 can “print” a house in just 24 hours. This technology is being tested right now in Mexico Province, where they used to build the first 3D printed community […]

An original video game that brings photographs to life

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The programmer Matt Stark presents his idea for an original videogame. It has called “Polaroid Effect”, the old instant cameras. The mechanics of the game allows the player to draw a picture of […]

Metro strike causes overcrowding in Paris

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Wednesday 11 December 2019 at the Chatelet station in Paris, one should be very patient if you wanted to take the subway. The scene was filmed at the station corridors during […]

The most popular TV series (1986 – 2019)

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Dynamic timeline with the most popular series in the world from 1986 to today. The data are from the US market by 2002, and then they are counted and online data […]

Betrayal in virtual reality

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At one point the virtual reality game “The Forest”, a player has created a track with roller over a large cliff. Propose to his teammates to test, they accept. Once all friends […]

The bird with the loudest singing

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The bird Procnias Albus, a small bird that lives in the Amazon, It has been called the bird with the loudest voice in the world, with singing of up to 125 decibels.

The largest 3D printer in the world printing a speedboat

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In the center of advanced composite materials and structures at the University of Maine (USA), is the largest three-dimensional printer in the world. The printer is designed to print objects up to 30 meters in length, 6,7 meters […]

The forger

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as a teenager, the Adolfo Kaminsky lived French occupation by the Nazis, and thousands of forged documents to help Jews escape the raids. After the 2nd World War, continued […]

The evolution of the tallest buildings in the world (1901-2022)

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A 3D animation showing the tallest buildings were reconstructed from 1901 until 2022, when the Dubai Creek Tower will be ready in Dubai.

Greta Thunberg sings Death Metal

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In a recent speech in the session of the UN summit on climate, The young activist Greta Thunberg turned wild style to world leaders. The musician John Mollusk had the idea to mount the […]

Super Zoom

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The “Super Zoom” It is a 3D animation by designer Pedro Machado, which takes us from the visible to “quantum world”. Below right we can see the magnification of approximately.

Why aliens don't visit us

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One record videos with mobile 3 people in a waiting room. A woman scraped through the leggings, a man is wearing different shoes, and a third old lady wearing the worst […]

The fires in the Amazon by a fire helicopter

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A fire helicopter captures large fires affecting strongly the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. This fire is one of the thousands who decimate the moment Amazonia, the largest tropical […]