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Two children throw their mother in the street

(6) | 26/06/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Two children jumping at the same time to avoid a puddle, and lure their mother throwing her on the street. WTF?!

Students go through facial recognition to enter school (China)

(9) | 19/06/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

In a primary school in Shenzhen China, children need to scan their faces pass before entering. This elencheipoioi students entered the school system and then sends the information to […]

Man saves a child falling from a 5th floor window (China)

(16) | 29/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A passer man grabbed a two year old boy, as it fell from a window of the fifth floor in the Xinjiang Uygur region of China. The Tonik Turghanbek, 28 years, He parked his car next to […]

The Danny Macaskill goes cycling with a toddler (Scotland)

(10) | 21/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

In his latest video, the Danny Macaskill must keep Daisy, a little girl. Then decides to make a short bike ride to the beautiful countryside of Scotland, with a Daisy […]

The effect of pacifiers in children's teeth

(7) | 15/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A dentist showing us the result of prolonged use of pacifiers in the teeth of a child.

School bus driver saves a child from accident

(10) | 10/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A school bus driver stops a child gets hit by a car. The scene took place Friday, April 26, 2019 in Norwich city (New York City). The guide Call Samantha stopped the bus […]

Toddlers in a relay race (Tanzania)

(8) | 04/05/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 3

In Tanzania, a relay race with young children will have a very funny evolution. One of the guys takes the baton, but runs very quickly in the opposite direction. Immediately followed by adults […]

A child does his homework under a lamppost (Peru)

(15) | 24/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 38

In Moche city of Peru, a 12 year old boy has no electricity at home and read his lessons under the light of a lamppost on the street.

A children's train in Russia

(11) | 14/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 2

City Omsk Russia, a small train for children passing through a park playing loud metal piece “You have” the Rammstein.

The scary lizard

(3) | 11/04/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Sitting on a couch, a man afraid of a lizard tennis walking up and asking a young child to get away shouting.

A baby is saved just before the collapse of a roof

(4) | 27/03/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

On March 24, 2019 in Saudi Arabia, a housekeeper took a baby out of the room seconds before the roof collapse. Two months ago, heavy rains caused erosion on the roof and […]

A child gets revenge

(13) | 14/03/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

A child is thrown to the ground by an adult while running in the hallway of a hotel, but will take revenge!

A man learns that his wife is pregnant with triplets

(21) | 11/03/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Stephanie, a mother of two children, He made a surprise visit to the work of her husband to inform him that waits triplets. Her husband did not immediately understand that there are three babies on ultrasound, but […]

Young skiers save a little boy from the ski lift

(11) | 07/03/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

In a ski resort Grouse Mountain, Canada, a group of young skiers coming to help a child hanging from a ski lift. The scene took place Wednesday, February 27, 2019. […]

Firefighters throwing children in the fire

(8) | 04/03/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Using a ladder, firefighters throwing small children in a burning apartment. It could be a new technique for effectively fighting fires; As you may understand, this is a rescue video […]