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city ​​imitate sounds with guitar

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city ​​imitate sounds with guitar

The robotic bartender

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In fully automated hotel Flyzoo Hotel in Hangzhou City of China, a bartender – robot prepares cocktail.

A wonderful advertisement of Formula E

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Two small remote-controlled cars compete in a city, the new promotional Formula E. The championship Formula E is an electric car racing championships organized by the FIA.

Accompanied by a squirrel in the park

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In a city park in Poland Chorzów, a squirrel will hang at a woman who offers him some nuts. The image and the sounds of the park is breathtaking.

The fastest lawn mower

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Simon from the city Urunga Australia placed a powerful engine in a trimmer.

Large aquarium breaks into a bar

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In a city bar Niksic in Montenegro, a large glass aquarium suddenly breaks.

A balloon pops inside a nuclear power plant cooling tower

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In the cooling tower of an abandoned city Elma Washington nuclear plant, a man trying to pop a balloon.

Dog helps his friend out of the snow

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In city Durango, Colorado, snow has reached up to two meters in height. A dog approaching his house to play with his friend, but it is very difficult to go through […]

Driver slips in a puddle but restores his car

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In a city street in Aurora United States Colorado, a driver was moving at high speed in the right lane did not notice a big puddle in front of. The car slid into […]

A truck burned in minutes

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On February 23, 2019 in Florida, United States, a truck caught fire near a city highway Pasco County. The driver got out of the car and waited for the fire brigade, but the truck […]

Robber sets store customer on fire

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On February 21, 2019 in the town of Palestine, Texas, a robber walked into a store and he asked for money, tied the clerk and a customer with tape and set a fire with lighter fluid before […]

Soldier is carried away by a huge flag

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Friday 22 February, a soldier literally swept away by a giant flag during a ceremony in the Mexican city of Chihuahua. The man was near the flag (25 meters in length and 15 meters […]

Dog participates in a traditional Mexican dance

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A dog is involved in a traditional Mexican wedding dance in Oaxaca City, showing his dance skills.

The ice melts in the trunk of a frozen tree

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A tree is covered with a layer of ice in the city of Evanston Illinois, and ice seems melts gradually between the trunk.

Traffic policeman stops traffic for a dog

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In the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia, a traffic policeman stopping traffic when seeing an injured dog waiting to cross the street.