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Automatic fire extinguishing system in the village of Japan

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Το Kayabuki no Sato, a small village in Kyoto which is famous for its houses with roofs of straw, having an original fire system with large sprayers that turn around the village in a […]

Ordinary man against ordinary Japanese

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Australian Matt Hansen together with his wife visited a store with video games in Japan. There, The woman tried to play a music game with colors while playing beside a young Japanese. […]

Shower with built-in bubble bath

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presentation of “Kinuami“, a shower unit from the Japanese firm Morita. This special shower can turn into foam operation, which ejects a dense foam and rich silk proteins.

The explosion of the watermelon

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A man from Japan tried to wrap a watermelon with several rubber bands, until it exploded in his face.

Restoring 140 year old axe

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A wrought Japanese ax aged 140 years restored by a craftsman.

Precision engineering from Japan

(20) | 29/03/2019 | 0 comments | Shares: 0

Demonstration structures using mechanical engineering electric discharge (EDM) in Japan.

The subway carriages align

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On a subway train in Japan, We see the alignment of the carriages as shown from inside the exit of a bend.

When two professional gamers are confronted

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Two professional gamer from Japan faced a Street Fighter V game, and seems to have exactly the same skill level.

Repair of buildings in Japan without even using a single nail

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In the past, construction and metal processing was very costly for carpenters in Japan. So, instead of using nails, carpenters called “miyadaiku” developed unique methods for engaging wood pieces together, […]

Omura: Rice with omelet in Japan

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Preparing a delicious dish Omurice, in a Japanese restaurant.

The paper robot

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The user with the name Kikousya from Japan, built this mechanical robot entirely of paper. The robot rewinding storing energy in an elastic band, and a gear train can walk for some […]

A strange motorcycle race in Japan

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On a motorcycle race called “Oval Super Battle” Kawaguchi City, Japan, we compete different types of motorcycle on a circular track. specifically we see two Suzuki superbikes 1000 cc, two and a supermotos […]

A cyclist on the wrong side of the railway crossing

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In a city in Japan, A cyclist waits for the train on the wrong side of the bar at an intersection. The cyclist is on the inside rail and the train passes only a few centimeters from […]

Monkeys move onto the telephone wires

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As the ground is covered by snow in the city of Mutsu Japan, The Japanese macaques move in a single line through telephone cables.

An electromechanical game

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The Noguo from Osaka, Japan, manufactures electro-mechanical games. Here is one of his latest creations, called “The secrets of the deep”. The objective of the game is for the player to move a metal […]