Raid by special forces

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Special police forces in Russia raid the home of a suspected drug dealer, and they try to get over the fence with a ladder. Then a neighbor comes to help them.

Kiss between father and son

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A father kisses his newborn son, and the little one seems to be kissing back.

Can you pass the wine;

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How to pass wine to someone at the other end of a long table, without getting up. A very funny Rube Goldberg machine made by Joseph Herscher.

An unusual technique in the long jump (1974)

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The early 1970s in athletics is an extremely interesting time. The technique of most sports is not yet settled, and athletes are constantly inventing new methods. What is the best technique for […]

Freestyle dance final

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The final of the Red Bull Dance Your Style 2019 dance competition, between Brazilian B-Boy Neguin and Czech Kristián Mensa.

Kush Kash: A musical instrument from Ghana

(16) | 29/07/2022 | 2 Comments

Cous Kash or Kasaka, is a very simple musical instrument from west Africa. It is a percussion instrument consisting of two small gourds (from the Oncoba spinosa tree) full of beans – […]

How to calm a crying child

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How to calm a crying child; Is simple: just focus his attention on something else by giving him an object. Here, a mother gives a spoon to her child to calm him down. Unfortunately […]

Alligator catches a drone

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During a fishing trip on the Javaés River in Brazil, a man took out his drone to film the area, and captured a funny scene. An alligator noticed the drone and jumped […]

A kid robs the fridge

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A mother finds the refrigerator open and various candies and chocolates on the floor. Following the tracks, finds her toddler sleeping peacefully on the chocolate covered sofa.

The cats and the pan

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Two cats spin a pan on a table, and they observe it with great interest.

Man prevents a little girl from crashing into a pole

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In Brazil, a man is chatting with his friends, when a little girl on a bicycle approaches at high speed and heads into a pole. With quick reflexes, the man will save the little one […]

Dog watches newborn kittens

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A German shepherd tenderly watches over newborn kittens in a box with their mother.

Emmanuel and the camera

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Emmanuel is an Emu who lives on a farm in Florida, United States. Taylor Blake, a woman who works on the farm and often uploads videos of the animals, he has to constantly argue […]

The dogs are playing with their new toy

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Two dogs are playing with a fun game: a device that by pressing a pedal releases small amounts of water into the air.

Royal guard vs tourist

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In London, a tourist poses next to a mounted royal guard for a photo. But the guard will not like the woman putting her hand on his horse's reins. Then he yells at her […]