Skydiver narrowly avoids fatal accident

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While paragliding, Kevin Philipp fell with his parachute and got tangled in the ropes. He then launched his first reserve parachute without success. In free fall, eventually managed to develop the second […]

Swarm of bats emerge from a cave

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In Santiago, Mexico, a motorist captured on video an impressive swarm of bats emerging from a cave. This bat colony is the largest in the country.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in 3D

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Effective CPR compressions create an artificial pump and send oxygenated blood to the brain to keep the brain alive. After a sudden cardiac arrest, brain damage will begin to occur […]

Paint with hydrographic printing

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The technique of painting objects with hydrographic printing: PVOH film printed with the image of the artwork to be transferred, and then placed on the surface of a water tank. A chemical is sprayed on […]

You're not a ferret

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Turbo the kitten often plays with his ferret friends in their cage. So, the owner finds Turbo lying in a hammock with one of the ferrets.

Cyclist crashes into spectators

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On Sunday July 31, 2022 at the Velodrome in London, England, British cyclist Matthew Walsh crashes his bike into spectators during a crash in the men's track cycling race […]

Cat vs. vacuum cleaner

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A cat is curiously looking at the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner placed on a couch.

A precious friend

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On a road in Mexico a service dog carries his disabled master, who is in a wheelchair and cannot use his hands.

A truck made of wood

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The user of Youtube “Woodworking Art” he builds the model of a truck with a trailer, using only wood.

A sheep separates two turkeys

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A sheep is at the center of a fight between two turkeys. He will quickly lose his patience, and will separate the two rioters with a decisive movement.

A woman was almost hit by two trams

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A woman walking with her eyes glued to her phone, almost hit by two trams in Katowice, Poland.

The price of coffee is out of control

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We realize the rise of inflation when we see the price of coffee in a fast food restaurant. Motorist is forced to give up his baby to buy a coffee…

1920s pencil sharpener

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The operation of a 1920's sharpener, which was manufactured by the German company Avanti.

Playing with a sugar pet

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A sugar glider uses the membranes between its legs like a parachute, and falls slowly from a great height without injury. It then returns to its owner's pocket.

So that the fish don't get bored

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An aquarium formed inside transparent tubes.