The explosion of the Tianlong-3 space rocket in China

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On June 30, 2024, aerospace manufacturer Space Pioneer conducted a static propulsion test with the first stage of its new Tianlong-3 rocket in Gongyi, a town of about 800.000 residents. The test ended after that […]

Two old friends

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An elderly man places a folding ramp in the trunk, to help his elderly dog ​​into the car.

The magic cones

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Two 3D printed cones, which "magically" pass through each other. You can find the print design here.

Two professional movers move a large refrigerator

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How to properly transport a large refrigerator in a house.

When you escape the teeth of grace

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A very lucky man narrowly escapes being hit by an out-of-control racing car.

Sharp turn

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On June 23, 2024 on a country road in China, the driver of a truck loaded with corn lost control on a sharp turn, and his vehicle overturned throwing its load into the […]

A little carelessness in the construction

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as he pours cement for the roof of a building, a construction worker will find himself in the void as the structure collapses. Someone made a slight miscalculation…

Double overtaking

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On a road in India, a bus driver is trying to overtake another bus, but a third bus comes to overtake the first two. Fortunately, tragedy was averted at the last moment.

Don't touch my car please

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The owner of a Corvette Stingray remotely starts his car's engine, when he sees people leaning over trying to take some pictures.

Professional chef opens a can of tomato sauce

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In a pizzeria, a chef opens a can of tomato sauce for pizzas. Unfortunately, the seemingly easy process will not end well.

Trying "Hands In" with the dogs

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A recent trend on the internet is called “Hands In”, and it is the reactions of dogs when two people put their hands on each other's hand in front of them.

Lionel Messi's fastest bodyguard

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During Inter Miami games, Lionel Messi is accompanied by a former US Marine, Yassin Chueko. The bodyguard is an expert in martial arts, boxer and taekwondo athlete. He follows him […]

Why do you have so many photos on your phone?;

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A funny commercial of the mobile phone company Sagem from 2006.

The solar lighter

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Cutting down a tree to a great height

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Having climbed dozens of meters up a tree, a worker cuts a piece of it by arranging where he wants it to fall.