Making a Wakizashi sword from a rusted iron chain

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The video of forging a rusty chain link, and turning it into a wakizashi, a kind of Japanese sword.

Childhood memories

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You can finally buy the Danish cookies in the tin, like what our grandmothers had;

Testing safety sensors on a cutting machine

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Testing the anti-accident sensor on a hydraulic cutting machine.

Professional filming

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With the help of a friend, a man captures a nice close-up of remote control cars racing around a track.

Unusual diary

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Human influence and climate change in three timelapses

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A timelapse of 37 years in regions of the Earth, showing the drastic effects of climate change and human behavior: Dubai, Greenland and Mato Grosso (Amazon forest, Brazil).

Wasps on the defensive

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Wasps go into defensive mode and prepare to respond to warning signals produced by sounds and vibrations. These signals do not only serve as warnings, but also as stimuli that can […]

Fish cleans a diver's teeth

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A cleaner fish (Labroids halved) enters a diver's mouth and cleans his teeth as he stands still.

The invisible patch technique

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Japanese Yoshiko Goto shows us the invisible sewing technique called Kaketsugi. Kaketsugi is a Japanese sewing method that allows you to put a “invisible” patch on a garment.

A crocodile does not start

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The roar of a crocodile is much like starting an engine.

Special skills with the motorcycle

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French Sarah Lezito performs a nice motorcycle stunt, passing under a low pole.

Effective alarm clock

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Personalized alarm clock rooster that comes to your bed and does whatever it takes to wake you up.

The crash of an Italian patrol plane

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Saturday, September 16, 2023 during Air Force Centennial Rehearsals at Turin Airport in Italy, a plane of the Frecce Tricolori aerobatic group crashed after take-off. The […]

Electric vehicle with 18 wheels

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The original electric ATV of the company 18WHEELS from Finland, which features 18 self-powered wheels on an unusual suspension.

The dog in the mirror

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An impressive number from a woman and her trained dog, in the final of the 2019 FCI DogDancing World Championship.