The difference between Russians and Americans

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How Americans react and how the Russians guides, when found in the accident verge on a snowy street.

brake test for Formula 1

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The Italian manufacturer Brembo brake makes durability test of a brake disc for vehicles of Formula 1.

Motocross rider causes an accident during a race at beach

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In the coastal town of Weston, England, A motocross rider was embarrassed when the bike had a malfunction during a race on the beach. As he tried to push his bike […]

A smart horse

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In a stall in the city of Burbank, California, a horse using a rope as a tool to catch and bring near the food.

The cat dives in the catnip

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In the United States Colorado, The Gouda the cat is blood donor to a veterinary clinic. The Gouda mad just smell gatochorto (consequences), and this time do excited a dip in it.

Woodstove V8

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An engineer in Australia built a wood stove in shape V8 engine. With the help of a motor, the stove brings air inside the burning becomes stronger.

Dog repels a penalty kick

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During an amateur football match in Brazil, a dog will come at the right time to pitch to ward off a penalty.

The grandmother saved the baby

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A grandmother in China with experience Ninja, saves her grandson before hitting.

forklift driver causes total destruction in warehouse

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A forklift driver will hit the machine's on the shelves of a large warehouse, causing a chain reaction that will tear down almost all shelves.

Training for delayed flight

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When the flight is delayed and have to catch the next flights, you have to be prepared.

Unfair play

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During a women's football match against Uzbekistan in the Maldives for the Asian Football Confederation under 19, the player of Uzbekistan took advantage wounding the opponent keeper to score. And everything […]

What if you live near train tracks;

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When they visited the house before move, this man told his wife that the railway line was next would be a great source of noise. The husband said they would get used over […]

Extra strong Viagra pills

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A new, much stronger Viagra formula just released. Here we see a proof of their effectiveness with that out of the box.

A clown stopped a cyclist

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In a town square Wroclaw Poland, the clown Pepe stops because a cyclist not wearing helmet.

The amazing dribble by Danielle Van De Donk

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The Dutch player female group of Arsenal, Danielle Van De Donk, He makes an impressive dribble passing two rival defenders to fight against Reading.

When you get drunk with your friends and you discuss business ideas

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The Indian writer Rajiv Malhotra suggests a revolutionary business idea. Taking advantage of a rich businessman faith like Bill Gates, one could offer a money recovery service after reincarnation. Because […]

Art in a cup of coffee

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With a glass of Starbucks Coffee, a Japanese creates a three-dimensional drawing of the film's characters “My Neighbor Totoro”.

Bull launches a cowboy

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In an arena for rodeo in Brazil, a bull will take off a cowboy trying to help his colleague. The man will be gone and the protective fence and landed in the spectator area.

Huge waves do damage to building (Spain)

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Huge waves in the region Mesa del Mar Tenerife (Canary Islands), during major storm this weekend. The waves reach impressive heights and destroy many balconies in a block of flats.