The transparent leaf

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Converting a leaf's color to transparent. This process is called skeletonization, and it is quite easy to do at home with the help of baking soda and bleach.

Chaos on the 4th of July

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During the 4th of July celebrations in the backyard of a house in the United States, a firework sets fire to a box of dozens of other fireworks. The fireworks are set off simultaneously, causing chaos in the area.

When you tell a very interesting story

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In an aquarium, three fish watch a man speaking to them with great attention.

The three frogs

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O Lesner, Don and Pooh, are three frogs from Japan living together. When it's time to eat, a merciless battle of competition between them begins.

The battle for the throne

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A cat and a dog fight for the comfortable position of the armchair in a living room. In the end only one can be left…

Cat vs polished car

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A cat wants to climb to the top of a wall by jumping from the roof of a car, but this one is probably more polished than the ones she's used to performing her jumps. Despite her insistence, […]

Easy fishing behind a waterfall

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A man catches fish by placing crates behind the waterfall of a dam. A very effective technique, since the fish carried in the waterfall fall directly into the crates.

Cop in a dead end

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In England, a policeman chases a man running towards a dead end. The man quickly climbs onto the roof of a building to hide before the policeman spots him. Haywire, the latter kicks a trash can […]

Delightful feeling

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When you remove the gelatins from a new car, you are overwhelmed by a feeling of pleasure…

When you hear a joke from your friend

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Two seagulls look like they are bursting with laughter.

A tree with an impressive color

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The wood of the Berchemia zeyheri tree (Pink ivory or pink ivory) it is quite expensive and rare, and has a bright red color. It grows mainly in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Northern Botswana and South Africa.

Liquid in a maze

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A green liquid gradually finds its way out of a maze. A 3D animation by Bergman Joe.

Missed the dunk but scored

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On Thursday 30 June 2022 during a qualifying match for the 2023 World Cup between Belgium and Slovakia, Belgian basketball player Retin Obasohan was very lucky after scoring a basket despite […]

Master in building

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A bricklayer builds a wall by placing the bricks with great skill.

Steampunk machines

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During the Straattheaterfestival in Woerden, Holland (June 24-25), the theater group of “Steamroadsters” featured some very strange steam engines.