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Jet Ski 570 hp

This is the crazy speed that can develop a Jet Ski Yamaha FZR, Motor 1800 cc and double turbo. The validity of this “Monster” reaches 570 horsepower.

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  1. Will says:

    This is a Yamaha WaveRunner. Not a JetSki.

    Know the difference

  2. Will Murray says:

    This is the original video upload on April 19 2015.

    Do not believe the bullshit lie out there on YouTube (uploaded May 2 2015) claiming this is a Hyabusa engine.

    It is a 1.8L Yamaha engine (the ski came with) modified heavily for this time, modestly by today’s standard.

  3. Stanislav says:

    What is the price ? And what is its maximum speed?