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Aqua Jet roof cleaning

A Roomba for the roofs.

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  1. Joaquim Carvalho says:

    How can I get such a machine and what is the value
    Thank you
    Joaquim Carvalho

  2. Manuel Castiñeira 639656232 says:

    I would like to know how much it costs

  3. Luiz Fernando Bresolin says:

    More product descriptions. Price and suppliers for Brazil.
    Optional accessories

  4. Everton Casagrande da Silva says:

    Hello, what is the value of the equipment?

    • paulo filipe pires anselmo says:

      I would like to know more details of this machine and the price thank you

  5. Mark Apatoczky says:

    Product description and price catalog for different adapters I would like to email – ben get. Thanks in advance

  6. Dumont says:

    Can I get the material price including VAT.
    In future business creation.
    Thanking you.

  7. Miguel says:

    I would like to know machine price thank you

  8. Alvanir says:

    What the value

  9. Carolina says:

    I need price of this machine

  10. Ismael Pereira vicente says:

    How to buy

    • Nivaldo says:

      I would like more information about the equipment, price, complementary equipment and materials, versions, suppliers or import into Brazil

  11. Makson says:

    How much does this machine cost

  12. William Nemer Júnior says:

    How do I get more details of the equipment?

  13. Vincent Sincere says:

    Hello how much does this machine cost. Where can I buy it

  14. Paulo says:

    Where to buy this water jet?
    What the value?

  15. Miguel says:

    What is the value and how can I buy?

  16. Antonio Gonçalves says:

    What is the value of the aqua jet machine to wash the roof

  17. Manoel Eduardo says:

    I would like to buy this roof cleaning machine. how do I do

  18. Paulo Ernesto Wilhelm says:

    I need to know the price thanks

  19. Jean Marcos says:

    Friend where I can buy this machine? What else can either tell me the TBM email jeanmarcosg2@gmail.com

  20. Ramec says:

    Hello, this is Ramec, how much is this machine and where can i find it