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"The nightmare is over for Greece»: B. Schaeuble on ' Stories» (SKAI, 24/10/17)

In an exclusive interview with Wolfgang Schäuble – the last before leaving the post of Minister of finance – make premiere the "STORIES" on television of SKAI TV with Alexis Papahelas, Co. Kosioni, Pavlos Tsimas and Tasos Telloglou.
Alexis Papachelas met in Berlin the man who handled the Greek crisis from the beginning until today and brighten unknown aspects of the last eight years. Mr.. Schaeuble speaks about the decision of IMF involvement in the Greek problem, reveals the background of his proposal for the Grexit and comment on the negotiating period Varoufakis. Talking about the dramatic hours after the Greek plebiscite, and reveals what advised Alexis Tsipras before becoming Prime Minister (SKAI, 24/10/17)


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