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Lucky scooter. Accident in Minsk on 05.02.2016

“I Stayed at the crossroads – described events scooter driver (author’s spelling and punctuation preserved). – It’s almost stopped as the rear flew Skoda. According to the driver, the brakes are gone. Slightly separated me from getting going in the trunk standing in front of car. Everyone is alive”. Indeed, the video much: if the shot went not tangential trajectory, scooter would hardly have escaped injury.
The exact cause of the accident told Onliner.by reported to the traffic police of the Leninsky district: “The driver of Skoda – 1945 p. The explanations inspectors, he said that simply confused the pedals: stepped on the gas instead of the brake. And later he was unable to prevent a collision. No one was injured, the physical condition of all participants in the norm. ”


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