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70-year-old military ration breakfast of World War II

(1) | 08/01/2017 | 0 σχόλια

This was the typical breakfast for a U.S. Soldier during WW2 – check out this amazing look at what parts held up, and what bit the dust!

“Toy Gun” vs. Military Steel Helmet + Body Armor

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This thing is probably the most powerful arrow shooter in the world – but legally, it is regarded as a toy in Germany. No need to be 18 to own it, no need to go to the range, no need […]

First World Problems

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Sometimes it’s easy to lose perspective…

HTPOW High Power Blue 445nm World’s Brightest Laser

(0) | 29/11/2016 | 0 σχόλια It is so powerful that can make fire easily!

STOMP makes rhythm with the Harlem Globetrotters

(1) | 18/11/2016 | 0 σχόλια

Eight performers from the international sensation STOMP took to an outdoor basketball court in New York City’s Greenwich Village with four stars from the world famous Harlem Globetrotters to celebrate the team’s 90th year.

Fastest side wheelie in a car – Guinness World Records

(1) | 31/10/2016 | 0 σχόλια

On an airport runway in Seinäjoki, Finland, stunt driver Vesa Kivimäki raced into the record books on two wheels at a blinding speed of 186.269 km/h (115.742 mph).

Best Dancers in the world 2016 (HD) (Nonstop, Dytto, Poppin John)

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Best Dancers in the world 2016 (HD) (Nonstop, Dytto, Poppin John)

Σχοινάκι και Break Dance

(18) | 22/10/2016 | 1 σχόλιο

Η εντυπωσιακή εκτέλεση της γυναικείας Σουηδικής ομάδας στο πρωτάθλημα World rope skipping Championship 2016.

Magic Cutting Tools – CNC Machine & Milling Compilation | Most Satisfying Machines

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Magic Cutting Tools – CNC Machine & Milling Compilation by Machine World


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After receiving a pair of the world’s most advanced Virtual Reality headset, a young man finds himself transported to a city full of chaos and bedlam where he meets the world’s most advanced A.I. trainer. Directed by Adrian Picardi – […]

Oddly Satisfying Compilation 2016

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The Most Satisfying Video in the World – Oddly Satisfying Compilation 2016

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

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Point Lobos State Natural Reserve has been called “the greatest meeting of land and sea in the world” and “the crown jewel of the state park system.” It has diving unmatched on the California coast, great hiking, and wildlife well-suited […]

The highest attraction in the world

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The highest attraction in the world

World’s Largest Ship Elevator Opens at Three Gorges Dam in Central China

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The world’s largest ship elevator at the Three Gorges Dam opened in Yichang City, central China’s Hubei Province, on Sunday, with a prospect to increase the shipping capacity past the dam by six million tons a year.