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WWI Factions: The Greek Army

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When the First World War had begun, Greek prime minister, Eleftherios Venizelos favoured an alliance with the Entente powers in comparison to King Constantine I who favoured supporting Germany as he was married to the Kaiser’s sister.

World’s first ‘talking sex doll’ has 18 different personalities.

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A new breed of sex doll has been filmed answering questions in what is claimed to be the first erotic cyborg to be able to hold a conversation. You will be able to say to her: ‘I’m hungry, what should […]

Meet Omar, World’s Longest Cat

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A three-year-old Maine Coon named Omar from Australia has become an Instagram star. Omar is 1.2 m long and weighs 14 kg, so it’s no wonder he snagged the title of ‘the world’s longest cat’!

World’s Largest Kebab Wheel

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World’s Largest Kebab Wheel

World’s Smallest Rubik’s Cube Puzzle (5.6mm or 7/32 inch) by Tony Fisher

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World’s Smallest Rubik’s Cube Puzzle (5.6mm or 7/32 inch) by Tony Fisher

Τα πρόβατα αρχίζουν να τρέχουν μαζί με τους δρομείς

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Τι κάνουν τα πρόβατα όταν βλέπουν τους ανθρώπους να τρέχουν; Τρέχουν μαζί τους φυσικά, αφού είναι πρόβατα! Στις 7 Μαΐου του 2017 στο Μόναχο της Γερμανίας, περίπου 600 πρόβατα που βγήκαν από ένα χωράφι άρχισαν να τρέχουν μαζί με τους […]

history of the entire world, i guess

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Bill Wurtz explains the creation of the world in an entertaining video.

Angara Contortion are out of this world | Auditions Week 4 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

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Flexible four Angara Contortion push their bodies to the limits as they twist, turn and twine together in a bid to impress our panel with their out of this world routine.

Riots after Feyenoord didn’t managed to win the Dutch league today

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Ultras is a page fan facebook where we try to update supporters all over the world with pictures and news from the terraces. Talk about actions done by supporters or just relax and watch all the lovely photos and movies […]

Fast and Funès (Vin Diesel VS Louis de Funès)

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Our national Louis de Funès encrusted in Fast and Furious, and it is not Vin Diesel that will make him afraid! A few days before the release of Fast and Furious 8, discover the unlikely encounter between the world of […]

Μια βιρτουόζος του γιουκαλίλι

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Dazzling and innovative ukulele virtuoso and songwriter Taimane Gardner picked up her first ukulele at the age of five—and it was love at first strum. Demonstrating her impressive musical chops as a young street performer in Waikiki, Taimane (which means […]

Casper Cloaking Technology

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Casper Cloaking Technology is an architectural film for glass walls that obscures digital screens to outside view. It acts as a smart shield to ensure data privacy while providing the peace of mind to collaborate freely in any working environment. […]

Ένα εντυπωσιακό animatronic στην Disney World

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Στο πάρκο της Disney World στη Φλόριντα των Ηνωμένων Πολιτειών, μπορεί κανείς να δει αυτό το εντυπωσιακό ρομποτικό χαρακτήρα (animatronic) από τον κόσμο της ταινίας Avatar. Ο τεράστιος μάγος κινείται με εκπληκτικά φυσικές κινήσεις.

Air France and Porsche: New Guinness World Records title

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A completely standard Porsche Cayenne has successfully towed an Air France Airbus A380 weighing 285-tonnes. Cayenne S Diesel: Fuel consumption combined 8.2 – 8.0 l/100 km; CO2-emissions 215 – 209 g/km Cayenne Turbo S: Fuel consumption combined 11.5 l/100 km; […]

ALIEN: Covenant “Prologue: The Crossing” Clip & Trailer (2017)

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Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created, with ALIEN: COVENANT, a new chapter in his groundbreaking ALIEN franchise. The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what […]