A wonderful ad from Thailand


Very touching ad from telecommunications company TrueMove in Thailand.

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  • schwlio

    My God, I am ashamed that I am a teacher, Although not a philologist…

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  • disqus_w9SWG8dUm3

    Dimitri and some other very nice milate Congrats.. :)

  • Anna Mantzorou Knifestraik

    wonderful things Advertising…I wish we had their humanity…unfortunately …..We only have AHARISTIA….wonderful vjnteakj .. BRAVO…

  • mariaq

    8aa protimousa mia tetioa diafimisi the STIN Elliniki TV gt oi Dikkes diaffimisis mas einai oti na nai Kanenas nohma ..:P

  • Peter Androulakis

    Very nice advertising message, any one can
    is a child who needs help or one that gives assistance

  • nikolaos poulios

    poli kalo……..

  • Andreas Papadopoulos

    Thousands Well done their…!!!

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  • Octarin

    And then you wonder that I see in foreign sites… we can with nothing but to see something, to take it as it is, to oikiopoithoume as can everyone without faflatiasoume no good reason. Should tell everyone the short of, its long, the width of the, anything and to send and moral and above. Mercy anymore… and the fly suet. Rose petals nice to see some, would go to zoupixete to remove the Meaning of Life. WIND TALKS… meaning the one caught, wonder…

  • Anestis

    Telio Dakrisa :'(

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  • Eleni Likoudi



    “…Blessed are the Merciful, that they Eleithisontai…”
    Jesus Christ.

    St. John the Merciful once dreamed of a girl, which told him that was the Alms…following him always in his life…and that this was “motivated” Lord Himself to come down…and shed his blood for humans…

  • George

    The fact that a simple vjnteakj not really resonate
    is the positive, that the conversation ended in swearing to negative.

    My comment:

    Half do not know spelling in here and have an opinion serious about life
    and religion and comment caustically each other's beliefs. (Yes
    Role play to know spelling – not flatten all).

    To see a little of yourself and decide who you are and why you talk more
    and what you want to say in the final analysis (let's put it essentially more), think
    the, edit and write.

    Not that us down that time to 'yes. Good
    the immediacy of the internet but with much speed, add the level. The exchange
    views designed to raise the level and make us wiser, not to simply
    to shout.

    Dogmatists and the alarmists themselves write about any topic you are
    discussion. Whilst we always see the doctrine above all and not various "risks"
    threatening us eg. some wanting
    us buy cheap (what cheap thinking). That OSE these years instead evolved
    and become competitive when had-automatic- Simply said monopoly appointed crony,
    blame foreigners fingers ate not the public - and my own- money.
    But that's another thread (thread).

    A! the vjnteakj very good and touching.

    It could be done with movie central
    the same idea, and cast well-known Hollywood actors - who Philanthropist
    brazenly hanging out with cameras! (not knowing what the right hand the left hand. In
    forgotten;) [I'm kidding of course]

    Sincerely George

  • 4TehLulz

    There are two hands on your body. One to help you and the other for helping others. Nice video though when anarchists steal goods from multinationals to give it to poor families, the police arrest. Should be considered of low value such acts and not to exploit the ASE. or any other political party to garner voters.

  • binnur

    Not need to know ANY LANGUAGE TO UNDERSTAND……!

  • Dimitris

    You're right not to relate what I write both the video itself and the message of. I am writing to tell you that I saw the video and it was very nice. I think that the correlation does is self-evident (bid-happiness). Upon enriches and I suddenly, if I wanted to feel emotions I'd gifts in many individuals to feel joy in their joy. Each offer is great.

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  • Reus

    Whoever found this touching,has not seen anime…

  • Julia

    Instead of sitting philosophizing about the advertising message etc etc,let the words and grasp the works .. With simple things make the top,Take 1 souvlaki and 1 orange juice in a homeless or give him 1 hot coffee even some sweets to stimulate the sugar,give old clothes and shoes or help him just listening to,after we help in your community get involved with other countries .. Because if we're good at our house,we can help and the neighbor I think..

  • thetruth

    Nonsense… I know a. that the telecommunications company achieved its purpose: to become world famous and naturally grow profits. all the rest are fairy tales halimas.

  • chavez

    good ideoula advertising, like the guiness though I disagree to exploit the feeling to sell… even better would have been an advertisement punch in the stomach with the brutal reality of his daughter to sell the kidney to cope with the costs….respectively see documentary…

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  • Manolis

    the information 792.000 Baht is 18708.39 euro!


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  • Dimitris

    Wow Dimitri. Thanks for the notification.
    Little BETTER SERVE is great gift for ourselves and for others.
    Depends on each of us how to decode this message.
    Again thumbs up.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/parris.larrain.1 Parris Larrain

    So beautiful. Thank you for this <3<3<3

  • stelios


  • Stelios

    Respect ;”(

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  • Denise Majette

    Most Wonderful Lesson and Testimonial.

  • Midi Skarpelo

    “Nikos Georgiou

    calories throughout the oxi gia ellines giatrous” Probably you have not met many Greek doctors!

  • Nikos Georgiou

    calories throughout the oxi gia ellines giatrous

  • anonymity

    you guys even for an ad Eater?eleeooos!let stand f to be a simple and elegant advertising kalogyrismeni and nothing allo.imarton with conspiracy theories!

  • panos tsiros

    ceria absolutely right in your thoughts and in what became?It's just the motivation to get something done……If you think how much you can tickle many brains This ad will say One would have not been found to sensitize? exactly! not! και αυτο γιατι εχουμε μαθει στο μυαλο μας οτι μας προκαλει ευφορια η αλλα συναισθηματα να μας αφηνει αδιαφορους για τον κοσμο γυρο μας και μας κανει εξαρτημενους χρηστες των ναρκωτικων που ονομαζουμαι facebook καλη ζωη κηνητα τηλεφωνα κοκα κολα γρηγορα αυτοκινητα κ.α δηθεν για να ζησουμε μια καλυτερη ζωη.δυστηχως μια μικρη ομαδα σε τοσα εκατομυρια κοσμο δεν μπορει να κανει και πολλα το μονο σιγουρο ομως ειναι οτι δεν θα σταματησει να προσπαθει.

  • Loki

    Unfortunately here so we have things in little time. Complete dismantling of the welfare state. Entire burden will fall on the next friend the relative.

  • stefanos

    poly kalo this school thema, prepi tarakounithoume na na I guess you can skirt tous sinathropous mas anexartitos thriskias all xromatos, ego prosopika prospatho on voitho alla kai to xereis iparxi poly koroidia all den tha stamatiso on voithao kai meta idika this video ayto pou tha ida apla prospathiso on xexorizo ​​poios Thelen voithia pragmatics kai poios me koroideyvi. if eyxaristo poles dimitri


  • tony

    very touching indeed.

  • Haris

    How is it possible after an ad with a beautiful message to squabbling again below; We blame Greeks or people we;



  • Vlasis Danilakoglou

    Really touching ! ala something I did not sit well envision advertising … something …what .. what to yes .. (???) …
    A !!! Yes ! .. We agree that the meaning of life is to help our fellow man and YES ! that give life – take it .. . and yes ! beliefs and do .. BUT ! Does hiding something behind this neat spotlight ? Do you want to spend (these large etairioules) , the fact that treatment costs and that it would be reasonable to lose home – shop – to repay the costs of care you (medical expenses) STILL Keanu a life you worked and paid insurance for if God forbid come TOUTI bad time and get hurt ;
    Do you want to spend that is reasonable and appropriate and very normal to throw you in the street if you have no money to pay the costs and die helpless and naturally blame your luck that's why (that failed to sell for a pittance the home-Shop ..) And you blame yourself and your own ;
    Conclusion ; Love thy neighbor – Helps your neighbor – DO law in your life … Ala, chew their food before swallowing.. they might drown if you do not..

    • Michael

      And to tell you something else dude… If you notice all the spotlight was made in Taflandezika. No trace of Greece. In actual fact, This video is part of a plan to hit the Greek language and the Greeks to get us fuel.

    • Fotini

      Always on the apparent center MEANING, UNREPORTED lab, not misplaced plassarontai method K these gradually following…so to familiarize…

  • Alpina Tosounidi

    a sto Kalo… klaiwww…. :( :)

  • Saki Gkortsi

    I felt my head to lean forward ! I do not know what was the brunt of the guilt ? or Absolute respect ?

  • Litsa

    Perfect children . I wish everybody was such splendor and soul of the protagonists in the ad. Life is not divided. Win for all of us.

  • Socrates

    The lamogio doctor passed them all zeros in evidence to the pocketed black !!!!!!!!!

  • vicky kp

    EKLAPSA just saw. very beautiful and touching.

  • Dora Defterigou

    What I saw was very beautiful!

  • Dimitris

    Can the text below is not audiovisual, or special sound effects that cause your interest, but please read. Not spam, advertisement or message to your chalinagogisei.

    And what happened? Most saw the advertisement, experienced an emotional, made us think about the “obvious”, put us in thoughts and feelings, to feel a joy or sorrow for mankind and the final coming up to say “I've been good about myself” or not that upset us (or something not important intermediate), depending on how it satisfies the ego of each. BUT, this whole process for our eaftouli. This game of emotion, an intense feeling, to feel for a few people in the hard life we ​​live. Nice catch message, what do about it? A notification, a charity, Contribute, in exchange for the joy you felt our brains when we do? Know, anyone can “haggle” with himself any way / amount that would be ideal, order to have the best positive feedback for brain (joy, emotion etc). Like buying a pair of shoes… The thing is you really do. You sit and stare at the laptop from here and there, like me, and you think that because you feel good (and in a week you will have forgotten); The point is not to grab the message is do not let it go, to do something about it, not something small that will serve your ego to feel good, but something that'll eat the time (the time would get on facebook etc) and that will strain. Become active in order to give as much as you can without to get nothing, Leave cliché expressions “in life that give, get”, this is not the purpose. The purpose is to help those who live to continue to live simply because it could be you were in place. For me the best model is the people who leave their “1-2secular countries” and go to 3kosmikes to directly help. Of course not “we” to do all this, we have obligations, but we can do other things (frequent donations) or start something on our own initiative, anything. But as I see you prefer to be given the money to go for coffee and the like of meaningless, or pay a chip etc. Although preferring the above, declare inactive, I feel like a loser drug user [This sounds bad…], only my addiction is this new global epidemic (Pandemic), inertia behind a liquid crystal display [… while this is not] like so many others of us. And finally, look what I, I spend so much time hopefully make someone what I can not do, ie act, hopefully 1 at 10.000 break free and do something meaningful (and I in him if he does). One time I could be in the club having other worries, but what to do so was my conscience. At worst someone stupid [or silly because it lacks the ability to kataNOIisei] would criticize (what bullshit writes, what has smoked, the IMO depressive etc) and better self-conscious some people will understand. Thanks am 21 years (this to better understand the thinking) and this is my email dimitrakis_vl@hotmail.com

    • Socrates

      man…you need a wife !!

      Friendly forever

      • Dimitris

        I have a girlfriend but I had not, what's the point dude; You can answer based on logic leaving out phrases exypnistikes?

        Ie to write something, To analyze my thought, should this make me for ever alone, ή whatever?

        Go back to 9gag (or the like of) then, where whoever makes the “asteiotero” komment would Gets More Democratic. What’s the point?

        • Theoklis Theokleous

          Γιατί βρε αγόρι μου χρησιμοποιείς φράσεις στα αγγλικά στο γραπτό σου λόγο την στιγμή που χειρίζεσαι πολύ καλά την ελληνική; Πάντα είχα αυτή την απορία. Make you look cleverer; Friendly forever.

          • Aris

            The writing in English because it speaks to “language” them to be more understandable

            • dimitris81

              The nom;IZW…Name;izw oti Graf greeklish Giat isws ETSI synithizetai sto internet. Opws apeira pragmata for kanoume epeidh synithizetai…Poso pixels eukola vrizoume kapoion with thn paramikrh pareksighsh,h na .. diplopar Pantws rate exoun parakseftilisei May would greeklish .., tha ksexasoume na na mathoume grafoume ellinika is ligo May aythn thn Neah moda. Ti na peis…amorfwtoi.

          • Zakis Makedonas

            Why is it so bad to use phrases and English words in text; Why do we want so much to judge in what language writes another; There are good and bad language;

      • Dimitris

        Should have I misunderstood and not insinuating anything you ask in advance sorry for my previous answer.

      • Mary

        Did you find you; Finally why is only acceptable bad review, the swearing, disapproval in the comments;

      • passing

        Now this is for good of you say;

      • dimitris81

        Justify why you need the D. woman to see if I agree too with the other 47. And I say this because I really can not understand. Half have woman because they differ from the others who have not ; Those who have woman think and behave otherwise;; Why woman and not work or friends or car or anything else;;

    • christina

      you're so right…………

    • Salvation

      APSOGOS! Unfortunately even behind a charity smoldering individualism and self-interest. To have our conscience clean to feel we better not make us superior to those left idly.. To me the phrase is good to see good is selfish.. Clearly offer but need to look for the deeper meaning and not we stay on the surface of things.

    • Mary

      Very nice advertising message, any one can
      is a child who needs help or one that gives assistance. Look
      away, Search near you, look around you, your friend, your neighbor, perhaps
      need help ... maybe not physical but emotional ... maybe do just hanging
      someone elderly neighbor ....

      Begin ie from home, your neighborhood, the city
      you etc ...

      What I eventually
      to say is: not need to emigrate to offer, starts from the environment
      around you ..... You'd be amazed how many and how much you have to offer if ...............
      really want.

      Good power and good start ....

    • Mary

      Very nice advertising message, any one can
      is a child who needs help or one that gives assistance. Look
      away, Search near you, look around you, your friend, your neighbor, perhaps
      need help ... maybe not physical but emotional ... maybe do just hanging
      someone elderly neighbor ....

      Begin ie from home, your neighborhood, the city
      you etc ...

      What I eventually
      to say is: not need to emigrate to offer, starts from the environment
      around you ..... You'd be amazed how many and how much you have to offer if ...............
      really want.

      Good power and good start ....

    • Mary

      Very nice advertising message, any one can
      is a child who needs help or one that gives assistance. Look
      away, Search near you, look around you, your friend, your neighbor, perhaps
      need help ... maybe not physical but emotional ... maybe do just hanging
      someone elderly neighbor ....

      Begin ie from home, your neighborhood, the city
      you etc ...

      What I eventually
      to say is: not need to emigrate to offer, starts from the environment
      around you ..... You'd be amazed how many and how much you have to offer if ...............
      really want.

      Good power and good start ....

    • Mary

      Very nice advertising message, any one can
      is a child who needs help or one that gives assistance. Look
      away, Search near you, look around you, your friend, your neighbor, perhaps
      need help ... maybe not physical but emotional ... maybe do just hanging
      someone elderly neighbor ....

      Begin ie from home, your neighborhood, the city
      you etc ...

      What I eventually
      to say is: not need to emigrate to offer, starts from the environment
      around you ..... You'd be amazed how many and how much you have to offer if ...............
      really want.

      Good power and good start ....

      • Julian Ant

        Strongly Agree. Opportunities for kindness is all around us in everyday life.

    • happiness

      Vravo!! D. I like the way you think your, he continued..

    • Artemis

      I agree with you buddy, especially when I see you spent so much money on parties and not fit to sit there and listen to good music (I do not mean koultouriariki who will say some, but gia'mena music is the greatest education that can get a man). Regarding the doing good to see good, is naturally selfish, and reasonable. But it may not be true in a bad way. Whatever you do daily, either for us or others, directly ourselves. All things exist and operate with the meaning we give to them.

    • Marianna

      I agree with you Dimitri. I am 38 and momma 3 children ,thumbs up for the way of thinking that has,Although the text did not write to tell bravo.oso for anencephaly answers may have the right not to pay any attention,These are expected not responding,not have the intelligence to understand this reality and certainly not the message you want to spend,NACE well

    • George

      Really well done, I wrote a great truth that the more ignorance and believed to be “good” people because they make the above. Unfortunately it is not so most making a good (that is what any) expect to get something back. In the final and we who sit here and talk about it, gains nothing from it except satisfaction.
      However like someone I'm close to your age I think it is good to see you, because even one of the 1000 who will read this can make even the slightest.

    • Michael

      There are many things in the internet that can prove beneficial to humans and to provide incentives for wise and creative thinking (like your comment for example). You need the appropriate education that would certainly cultivate critical for proper management tool, Proper assessment of issues and proper allocation of time devoted…Before any preoccupation with human knowledge , science, technology, prerequisite would be indulging from school age in understanding “Know yourself thyself”, Metron Ariston”, Meden Agan”…otherwise the knowledge becomes a weapon of mass destruction and atomic ..

    • Manos

      Dude Dimitri:
      I am 26 years and though the age difference is not huge, I can safely say that people of your generation but also my (unfortunately) not intended to reach the level of your own consciousness and thought….
      A thousand thumbs up my lad…
      As reference the pumps, that, for them, rational thought is the result of celibacy, is probably several steps behind in development and is usually the older generation and are wound in human evolution.
      Fortunately no one lives forever.(Of course I would not wish the death of anyone,But unfortunately some outdated ideas usually die with the generation who coined.)
      We can offer to our fellow man,without expecting return and without stopping to do because we felt good for a while and ta'i'same our ego but because it's the right.
      I'm glad there are people like you buddy Dimitri, because I have been disappointed by my species.
      Besides motivation to continue what you always did, It gave me something more important:
      Thank you.

      • TRYFON

        <> namely <> not <>
        and the compassion.

    • Reus

      For Atheists,'re very unorthodox…Whether you believe in god and give meaning to your life through prayer,or do not believe in god and do everything possible to upload your endorphins and feel good until pethaneis.Ola you talking hypocritical bullshit and try to feel good about yourself parotrynontas everyone to do something which you too admits ….

      • Dimitris

        Since I logged on when you did the comment and will update logic that you answer, send me one inbox your email to discuss the various points and differences on the comment you. It makes no sense to discuss it here as I have a lot to explain, unless you write only for the eyes of the world that I am sure you do not ;)

      • Daniel Nazari

        There is no third option? :) I do not blame that fell outside the “guesses”, this can happen to anyone when trying to do business with missing data [I am not saying sarcastically, I've done it and I]. In your comment, the only way persuasion is the attack on the ethos of opponent (and little reliance on emotion-bullshit = emotionally intense words) without invoking the trace logic. With this comment you manage course you can upload your own endorphin levels, but what can you mean by that “do everything”? Is there something specific that is considered the upper limit of this effort (such as writing to the public) or is another emotional touch? Anyway, may intrude much into every word.

        Very clever your last sentence.
        What I want to pick out is that you can do either for ethical (has to do with the public and you) or shortly sentimental reasons (has to do only with you). When you do something for moral reasons can be got emotional feedbacks without being certain that or deeper purpose is. I can not hide the fact that some answers made me happy, but the purpose that I did, as you say, this is not. I expressed my views to an audience, is able to convert say 10 people, but does not require them to come to me say it to feel good. Might not ever know the reaction of a person who would make me most happy.
        A very good example is say a columnist on wikipedia doing so much work without name. We congratulate more someone trying to please himself through moral satisfaction from someone who will do it just to feel the emotion of the moment. Because therein lies the superiority of man, in mixing logic and emotion…

    • Matthew Augustine

      sharp Dimitri diavasa olo rate keimeno for egrapses Kai Tino na simfonisw ruins on giati zoume is MIA kapitalistiki koinwnia should panta vasizonte sta ilika Agatha March ipoxreosan oxi na na zoume zoume ME afta Alla Gia afta would Agatha.

      egw den exw polla logia apla PW na na danisto Kathy APO tone

      Mahatma Gandhi


    • ANNA


    • cARPE DIEM

      Okay you say..

      I a have to say for such teaching campaigns..

      It's to teach us or remind us.
      Beyond .. SIMPLE ACTIONS.

    • Elena

      Dimitri everything in this life has no real meaning. We live in a material world. Happy is he who realizes “quickly” that here we “Passers”. The reality is out of this body that we. The point, however, is more? What are we doing to “prepare” the “soul” Our time is reached when you leave our body? The even better, what we do “satisfy” the feeling of love with the other “positively or negatively” feelings of our nature gave? Why are all the people in them have feelings and depending on the growing conditions. And I believe that all people somewhere shepherds and love, that may not show it or try to kill this good piece of themselves but it is a feeling you want or want is within each of us. I believe that every man climbs the Calvary. And because life is such made to give pretty much all of us a chance atonement or a lesson to everyone differently I believe that all here are paid.. So how to act each one our own atonement and purification of the soul is different. ECU may not have the ability to offer direct your help to these individuals, was offered but with a very different way and equally important.. With your word… Bravo for your text and especially for your age. The text you wrote for me anyone can write, I congratulate the thinking and awareness of a 21 year old man. This gives me hope for our future and our children. I am 30 years old and I 2 young boys 10 months 4 years.

    • John

      Dimitri arrived in bone (oh my … graffito since he was caught in the mouth some, some). In agreement with a lady but above, I will tell you that you need not run the depths of the third world to change something. In addition to what the lady I would say, not going to keep you company, not read in deserted children. At least it only, namely that if you see something happening in front of you in which you (this stress) to Intervene, do not let the shame, fears and boredom that stop. Need not all become superheroes. There we are made all for it. But we can be human and strange as if you think, we all know what that means.
      Good luck lad. In their minds you carry, really need in this world.

    • Vasileios Liakos

      Being in the Church of Christ and experience the sacramental life so when the Word of the Gospel, then effectively fulfilling toin command of love!

    • Costas Lazarides

      You are the best advertisement for the above advertisement. And par'oti non visual, why your main and essential. Thanks Dimitri.

    • giannis nickolaidis

      FILE DIMITRI , The answer is easy to “Caught” it is difficult , It is the nature of man , The nature (we cyclones and mid-LIVE , the momma nature that made us) has somewhat simplistic rules , With this we live , With these functions and it is impossible to escape this … If they were able at some point as “supposedly” higher beings is exempt from our superiority and Koichi the barefoot dirty and covered in blood Our feet , maybe , I say MAYBE then we had a hope SERVE We are saying that we are … Until then pal will move us daifimiseis that purpose have not make us better people, but to sell us a mobile or a contract , The ad above (although you misunderstood the word but what to do is the only fully covered what I want to say) IS a capitalist products as objectives, aims PROFIT FEW THROUGH touched many … we are victims of our nature … I told you many not stun you another


    • Angeliki

      In the opinion dn can not put all the people in a sack!Presents things very cold and your criticism in the world is lopsided!You can not judge the world through a video!And each person has his own response!

    • Christos

      Whatever you say will be a little. Thumbs up! But I have a question. How do you know that what you do is not to gratify your ego with you look good to others ,why not say the truth and people today are focused on how they look and what the others say ignoring the substance. Thanks!

      • Daniel Nazari

        Read above my answer. I hope you do. Soros was late to respond. You're right, however,, in this world no matter what you do, but what make people believe that you. When you learn to look at yourself in a relationship with yourself rather than with others, You make it out operations related to image, and then you become a man is.

    • Xander Chaliasos

      :/ Struck me pal. And it is this positive. Thanks.
      I wish the,What better way to detox your.

  • Paul Johnson

    Lovely :’)

  • KonstantinosChantzis

    I hope to see leftists anarchoaplytoi practicing violence in the society is ultimately real and not ideologically sophisticated with stanio solidarity and put the next time the lit Molotov cocktail in the Gaullist.


  • Guest

    Great advertising :’)

  • konstantinos

    Tete upload videos that show us what it means to be human and make us weep……

    • nikos

      children not looking poly.to MESSAGE is simpler than viteo.o man given moment He felt a man and understand the pain of another fellows. helped because He felt the ,Nothing more. Thoughtful sometimes not was this jungle greater amount people will eimaste.min zorizestai poly ,all come in a body for many different reasons ,if you understand the links Welcome ,otherwise the game Down Under chathike.sto everyone will episrepsei at the appropriate level ,According to these acts of,and reminded descendants who do not believe (that is what we live 0 in this we find after death)Greetings always friendly



    • kDn

      makari na nai etsi adelfe

    • Dimitra Skondra

      good in life is giving without expecting to get , Believe me you will feel better

    • a_oo


    • crafty

      in life that wreak Drink. (R was would write. and name of Diego Armando Maradona if you are not sure your spelling dictionaries for fast google search and prepare the Fonta ..)

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  • Danae Kotsis

    So just Jesus Christ on the cross, paid our debt for our transgressions ago 2013 years! Let us be thankful and let us follow His example, the cases where there is a need, with love for your neighbor!!!

    • vague

      Let religion outside and focus on the message that gives the video!!

      • city of angels

        mattered to God? he who created you? such hatred against Christianity , Such persecution , DAILY massacring Christians, health service what they believe? calves as in India? Filmed in Thailand where the advertising and are Buddhist respected him Christianity and had emissions for Jesus on TV although only the 0,5% is Christian, rut we love Thailand , the most beautiful country in the world with the best people.

        • Aggelos

          He said nothing against christianity. He simply leave out the religion of this wonderful ad that shows us how we humans can help other people, without having to think something upper. Man can not believe, right is not it; The aggressive your response I think was at least unnecessary when not worse…

          • vague

            So exactly angels but at such hatred that turns out the most over all responses are unnecessary.

        • human

          Christians slaughtered in the name of Christ, Crusades you know?

          • Slayer

            And I slay in the name of your mother. Blame your mom?

            • defiono alonza

              Oxy Pateras the soy

        • Lagoon Palaiologos

          Agree 100%. Thailand is the most respectful and peaceful country i ever seen.. With the kindest people that exist in this cruel world. The spot is nice story with a great message.Of course for promoting one of the biggest companies in Asia.
          Aaaa.. And for those who do not know the Theravada Buddhism is the oldest of all. Respects so much Christianity, but not fancy.. Aaaa…And it's not just religion. It is a kind of teaching and philosophy, to heal the suffering of the soul..

          • bogy

            yes Agreement, but no 100% Go see the other side of history!!What is this?child prostitution!!but I forgot you too see the beautiful as a tourist!!

        • diampolo

          oyst eh misanthropy!!To burn in hell my son!!

          • Village of Angel and morals

            the terpton with pleasure cuss…

        • unforeseen alxalili

          Go see the other side of
          history!!What is this?child prostitution!!but I forgot you too see the
          pretty as a tourist!!My faith tzoutzouko NHS..

      • Costas 16

        Why leave religion outside do not understand? The simile does is rightly. Also, religion is directly linked to this video because this is one of the reasons that can give you very big impulse to evaisthitopioitheis and do something good for your fellow man. I for example taking long dymnami from religion and makes me feel more confident about his deeds I have done or want to do. That's why you say not to leave out the religion because the religion associated with most if not all issues that MAS employing. Trust me.. if all people were moving SHARES with the words of the church world would be better too and we would not have gotten this!

    • Konstantinos Theodoridis


    • daetos

      I paravasei Itan Prin kamia 4000 xronia Prin … pantos exeis dikio …

    • Jesus

      not crucified then. I was born then. although again I do not remember exactly, αλλά anyway…

    • oloi stin kolasi tha pame

      we are in 2013, LEAVE tale and see the truth to your face!!!!! Religion and disgust



  • Michalakis Trokkoudes

    Some things are not enough to see only once. I saw 3 viteaki times and the third time I think it was the first. Lovely . This rare species is our wish to see it more often.

  • masterpcm

    Although the ad I wrote it wrong..

  • masterpcm

    As long as there are people.. whether or advertisement.. indeed lovely.

  • panos


  • Roza Mimosa

    without words…..

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  • The black sheep


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